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Where I go from here...: 1/23/2016 02:25:41

[FCC] Aura Guardian 
Level 61
Allright folks, time to tell of my mapmaking plans.

As you all know, I have two maps in testing. I think that before I do anything, at least one of them must become public, if not both. I don't want too much floating around.

In addition, I will be taking a short break from Mapmaking. It may be a few days or a week, but I just need to clear my head for a while.

But now for the good stuff! After my break from Mapmaking, here is my plan for upcoming projects:

1. Rework of Bonuses for Syria.

Syria is my highest rated map, nearly scoring a 4.0 out of five, despite is major flaws, such as missing/ambiguous connections and imbalences in bonuses. I plan to re-work the mega-bonuses to fix this, continue to ferret out the bugs, and perhaps add some artistic features, as well...

2. Australia.

I have now had several people request for me to do a good Aussie map- something I know warlight is lacking. So I will make this my priority project after the completion of the Syria re-work. This will be a challenge, but I plan to make the bonuses europe-style, so that should help with the issue of the map becoming too circular, which is probably the biggest issue with making such a map.

3. Post-Melt Great Britain/Europe?

This is where it starts to get vague. I loved doing Post-Melt Antartica so much that I think I will make a series dedicated to Post-Melt. Some places look identical, but Europe by far would make for a good post-melt scenario. However, I may do Great Britain instead, as it is more drastically changed than many parts of Europe.

4. Kuwait/Local Deployment Project.

No, I have not forgotten about Fertile Crescent Series! Although Middle East Big will likely never get done (I have found that, after Syria, I do not like creating big maps.) I plan to get back to this series at some time. I would like to do a map specifically for local deployment, but I will have to play more ld games before I can get a good idea about how to go about doing so.

5. Lebanon Rework????

Ah yes, my first (and most poorly rated) map. Perhaps I will do a rework? I don't know. We will see...

6. Either More Post Melt Stuff/The Cradle of Civilization

After this point, it is too vague for me. Not sure what will happen here. Maybe I make the Cradle of Civilization? Or go onto Post-Melt (insert here)... I just simply do not know...

In any case, I hope this made for an interesting read through! If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to reply to this thread!

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Where I go from here...: 1/23/2016 08:22:32

Level 30
It isn't worth reworking a low rated map. The low ratings from the original version will still show after it is reworked meaning that not many people will play it and give it the rating it deserves.
Where I go from here...: 1/23/2016 09:25:05

Lord of Turnips
Level 59
Wikipedia, already has one massive SVG map of Australia, but the territories in the middle are too big and I don't/can't be bothered to know how to use inkscape at all, but here's the map as a reduced size png image if it helps with territorie borders by population:

Where I go from here...: 1/23/2016 10:25:14

Thomas 633
Level 56
Where I go from here...: 1/23/2016 11:27:39

Level 58
The Cradle of Civilization

I'll be waiting!
Where I go from here...: 1/23/2016 12:46:31

[FCC]Guardian Timewizz65 
Level 56
looks great
Where I go from here...: 1/23/2016 21:17:56

[FCC] Aura Guardian 
Level 61
@oobling, if I rework lebanon it will be a complete rework, and will result in the creation of a new map altogether.

@oxTheArtist.. The Cradle of Civilization is a vague idea. I imagine, and hope, for it to turn out something like the RoR, with a few empires providing "superbonues", in addition to the normal classic 2-tier bonus set. Even though I am not much of a fan of making big maps, I would imagine that the map will come out to 400-700 territories if I did it right...

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