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AI , vote to end ?: 10/3/2013 19:50:56

.*_* . u better dead
Level 48
can AI vote to end a game ?

i did not voted ...
AI , vote to end ?: 10/3/2013 22:47:55

[REGL] Firehawk 
Level 49
Were you booted from the game? I ask because in the Game Settings if you notice, booted players get turned into AIs. If all human players vote to end, then the remaining AIs automatically will also. Your opponent looks to have voted to end after you were booted, so in turn the AI that replaced was obligated to follow suit as well.
AI , vote to end ?: 10/4/2013 07:46:51

Al Living
Level 8
Al Living tastes Guiney and says "Taste like Sugar"
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