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Self-Promotion Thread !: 1/20/2016 18:58:36

Level 58
Describe yourself :

- Creative

- Positive

- Narcissism

- Unrealistic

- Haughty

- God-Like
Self-Promotion Thread !: 1/20/2016 19:04:51

Level 58
Hostile :

Best Noob in Warlight.

It has been confirmed that this player never improves. Therefore, I was already at 1600-1700 skill level in ladders when first playing the game !

Plays Hunter in Hearthstone and hits face. Almost always loses.

From Hearthstone, discovered what "Tempo" means : Number of actions in one turn OR just the field of play / action.

Hard counter / Soft counter is also very useful for Warlight Strategy.

Timing can be very important. Also knowing your advantages, weaknesses.

The initiative is likely to change the play-style of a player. If you have the initiative and attacking, pushing your advantage can break the game early and remove all odds of come-back.

Question :

Is there any other game that can make you think at Warlight differently ?

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