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Map of the year 2015: 1/20/2016 01:37:23

Lord of Turnips
Level 59
Sorry that I couldn't make this earlier when I was on holiday.

Vote for your favourite map from the first 52 map of the week games, i'll check on here to add the votes up, since it is too big for straw poll

Middle Earth Big by Saruman: 1

Rise of Rome by Incaman

The Lands of Ice and Fire by Kheimon

Huruey's Castle by Huruey • apex

Avatar - The Last Airbender by Dark Mist

Battle Islands V by [中国阳朔]Chaos

Imperium Romanum by Vampires - Kayn

A Tale of Four Cities by zxctycxz

Breaking Green by Ranek

Renaissance Italy by Mudderducker

Issander's Huge World by Issander

Europe 1812 [1.7k] by zxctycxz

Europe AD 1600 by Ottaman

Thirty Years War (1618-1648) by zxctycxz

Medieval England by Mudderducker

Ancient Greece by Qi

Sengoku by Phil

The Netherlands in 1840 by [NL] Lucas

Planetary Annihilation by Ranek

Second World War by zxctycxz

Fall of Jerusalem - The Crusades by Incaman

The Siege of Feldmere by Dark Mist

Ares by Orange

First World War: European Fronts by Arc Light

Floating Rocks by Dark Mist

British Empire by Imperator

Medium Earth by Fizzer

Europe 3.0 by RA

Atlantic by muligan

The Big World Map by Caio Veloso

South America and the Caribbean by Major Risk

Issander's New Europe 2: Population Density (with bonuses) by Issander

Greater Middle East by Qi

Europe 1066 AD by Moros

Orbis Veteribus Notus by zxctycxz

Europe by Troll

Denmark Big by Karthus

Strategic World: Land and Ocean by muligan

Duel by les

Africa Big by Belgian Gentleman

Europe 1300 AD by Yura2898

Turkey (Türkiye) by Ottoman Emperor

European Nations by Belgian Gentleman

Concrete complex by kendou

Bracketology by Grundie

East Asia & Oceania by Eitz

World of Noliterre by xXOmegaXx

Middle Earth Diplomacy by Saruman

Alternative Europe by Major Risk

Europe 2.0 by RA

Fiji by Belgian Gentleman

Europe Big by Срећко

Edited 1/20/2016 06:21:04
Map of the year 2015: 1/20/2016 01:38:09

Lord of Turnips
Level 59

Edited 1/20/2016 06:19:56
Map of the year 2015: 1/20/2016 01:48:24

Level 62
This I a good idea. You should do it every year.

BTW, you've double posted. Blank one of them.
Map of the year 2015: 1/21/2016 02:53:44

Level 56
Rise of Rome
Map of the year 2015: 1/21/2016 04:46:20

Level 56
When you say Map of the year 2015, I thought it would be about the best map made in 2015...

But I would vote for Fall of Jerusalem
Map of the year 2015: 1/21/2016 06:44:50

Level 59
Rise of Rome
Map of the year 2015: 1/21/2016 07:36:11

Level 63
I'll go for ancient Greece. Europe close 2nd.
Map of the year 2015: 1/21/2016 11:38:52

Level 62
Rise of Rome
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