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smh ridiculous game: 1/17/2016 05:52:00

Level 55
Check this shit out. Settings were wack as fuck, host got booted first turn (probably not that surprising considering his 74% boot rate) along with two other of my teammates. My only unbooted teammate was stuck in Spain trapped by the AI on our own side. When the other side offered to VTE everyone jumped at the idea and we all voted...except my surviving team, Julius, who as I just mentioned was stuck in Spain by a friendly AI. When requested to vote he gave out this response "nah I'm nice and safe where I am, this is a free win for me".

With that said, it will be awhile before I venture into open games to play 5v5 again, and when I do I shall proceed with the utmost caution to avoid this type of situation and I advise that everyone else do the same least they waste over half an hour of their life like I just did.

smh ridiculous game: 1/17/2016 06:08:48

Dr. Stupid 
Level 58
I agree it is a waste of time, but generally in a team game, when one and only one person refuses to surrender, the protocol is his own teammates should attack him till he's dead or he comes to his senses and VTEs. Even if that means having to attack through your own AI teammate to get to him.
smh ridiculous game: 1/17/2016 08:01:54

Jason Vargas
Level 37
he was retarded and put all 3 starts right there ass to ass so limited expanding right off the bat
smh ridiculous game: 1/17/2016 10:36:10

Level 59
He was safe from his own team mates by the sounds of things too. If people are this desperate for a win then all you can do is point them to the marvelous wonder of lottery games, and then Blacklist them.

You can't stop players like this from playing but you don't have to play with them more than once ;)

Edited 1/17/2016 10:37:37
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