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Japan 1540: 1/16/2016 18:22:22

General Amoora
Level 43
I'm beginning a Japan in 1540 map, it will be based around a 'Europa Universalis IV' mod which is 'MEIOU and Taxes'.

The map will be centrally designed for strategy and diplomacy, it will all depend on being able to carefully plan for war and execute it intelligently rather than just throw a load of troops at a weaker nation.

I will probably have this map complete in a few weeks and here are the mechanics I plan to put in place.

Instability is an aspect to do with the armies of each territory and each bonus. Every territory will have a negative effect on your tpt, yet if you control all the territories in the bonus of that territory, that negative effect will be neutralised and then turned to positive. The whole point of this is to make wars more strategic, it brings about more motivation to invade a province for it's strategic value rather than just to get big. As well as that it adds to an effect of needing to wipe out a whole nation to make an improvement to your tpt.

Note: This feature means that the game will not be playable except in the scenarios provided

Overstretching is a feature that puts in place capital territories that will be very beneficial to your country in terms of tpt,however controlling more than three will put a strain on your tpt,making it tougher to just go ahead and rapidly expand and making the game more about choosing the right time to attack than ever before. As well as that, controlling more than seven of these capital territories will return you to a beneficial tpt as it will see you as more of an empire capable of sustaining these massively useful capitals.

Both of these features will function around bonuses and will mean that most of the time will be spent editing those rather than making the map as that will be comparably easier.

Let me know what you think, thanks,
Here it is so far...
Japan 1540: 1/16/2016 21:30:02

Conquerre II
Level 52
These are very interesting ideas, I like especially the idea of instability, however it might get confusing, because i'm pretty sure every territory would have it's on bonus box worth -1.

Edited 1/16/2016 23:53:12
Japan 1540: 1/16/2016 22:35:48

Level 59
I have a quite successful template based on this period of history:


If that helps a little, the positions of the clans are not quite right because I had to fit the scenario to the map to get the balance right.

I would be really interested in building a tempate for a map specifically for this period, it makes for great diplomacy games! :)
Japan 1540: 1/16/2016 22:57:29

Level 59
M&T is by far the best EU4 mod... except it is not updated often, which saddens me :/
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