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The First Tournament: 4/22/2009 11:58:54

Level 7
In the spirit of starting new threads and general feedback on the functions of Warlight, I humbly submit the following:
The bracket window is ludicrously small. Any way to make that 1 inch x 16 inch window a little more square-like? I would rather have a big bracket and small list of participants than the other way around. Other than that, I like the tourney.
The First Tournament: 4/22/2009 13:10:21

Level 16
I agree it is overly small. He rushed the tournament stuff out so we could start enjoying it sooner. So it is as he says, notably rough. I'm sure this is at a minimum one of the things he's considering fixing by phase 3. The feeling I get is that he'll do a good bit amount of work improving tournaments for the next phase. Give him a couple weeks or so to roll it out and don't worry too much about the more apparent stuff as I'm sure he's already aware.

Thanks for the feedback though and if you find any bugs don't hesitate to report them in the bug section.
The First Tournament: 6/15/2011 03:39:52

Level 2
Hmm... Wish I was there.
The First Tournament: 6/15/2011 04:44:29

Level 54
Dansonno.... the thread ressurector
The First Tournament: 6/15/2011 16:14:41

Rainbow Dash (Kurtis)
Level 10
wait am i in 2009 again
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