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Country of the Week: Romania (15): 1/12/2016 15:11:37

Tajik on LSD
Level 6
I have assigned 198 countries a number. The countries I've chosen are the 193 members of the UN plus those recognised by at least 20 UN members. Each week I will pick a country using a random number generator and we will discuss that country.

Country of the Week for week 15: National-Socialist Republic of Great Romania

Population: 30M



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Country of the Week: Romania (15): 1/14/2016 15:01:26

Level 57
The name refers to the Romanian Kingdom in the 1937-1944 period (The Regime of Ion Antonescu, helped by the Iron Guard Movement , til 1941 , cause of a damn rebelion) .
->Also the number of gypsies here is 621,573 (or 3.39% of the current population ), some say that they are 2.000.000 here, but noone knows for sure.Even if they are many, compare them with the population in Turkey (2,750,000 or 3.6 % of population, estimated 700,000–5,000,000 ), Spain ( 1,000,000 or 2.16 % ), SUA (1,000,000 or 0.33 % ) and Brazil (800.000 or 0.41 %).
->We fight with muslims from 1360's, the first one to fight them was Vladislav I (known as Vlaicu Voda , 16 november 1364 - 1377). After him, a lot of our rullers fought the Ottomans til 1877, the year we have gained Independence
Notable rullers: Mircea the Elder (1386-1418) , Ioan of Hunedoara (John Hunyady ) (1441-1456 ), Vlad III the Impaler (1448;1456-1462;1476 ), Stephen III the Great (1457-1503 ) and Michael the Brave (1593-1601) , which defeated the Otomans a lot of times (their biggest defeat in history was at Vaslui, in 1475 )
->In 1989, we were the only country in the entire eastern bloc that had a blody revolution.Victims: Death(s) 1,104
Injuries 3,352
(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QM2ZiFmOICc the movie of the Revolution , for those who might get interested )

but my personal opinion:after the fall of comunism, Romania fell bad , our state is shity cause of corupt politicians and fail of making democracy better.But we must learn from past to make our future better, and we need good men to realise all of this.
->The tricolor was first adopted in Wallachia in 1834, when the reforming domnitor Alexandru II Ghica submitted naval and military colors designs for the approval of Sultan Mahmud II.In 1848, the flag adopted for Wallachia by the revolutionaries that year was a blue-yellow-red tricolor (with blue above, in line with the meaning “Liberty, Justice, Fraternity”).After 1860, a legend arose stating that the national tricolor had been formed by merging the colors of the Moldavian and Wallachian flags, probably out of a desire to reconcile all parties to the choice of the Wallachian revolutionary flag of 1848 for all of Romania.And so, in 1866 Constitution, the Blue-Yellow-Red Flag was adopted as official flag of our nation since.

(these are dezvolted arguments on the Asmodeus comment above )
(thanks for inspiration bro )
Country of the Week: Romania (15): 1/14/2016 15:30:43

Angry Koala
Level 57
“Liberty, Justice, Fraternity” "national tricolor " "revolutionary flag" tshhh... Copycats.
Country of the Week: Romania (15): 1/14/2016 15:44:04

Darth Darth Binks
Level 56
Vlad Tepes.
Country of the Week: Romania (15): 1/14/2016 18:11:53

Level 57
Koala, Romanian space of 1848 had a lot of french influence, not to mention that it was the equivalent of english today

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