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Quebec Map- pro 3v3 player advice NEEDED!: 1/11/2016 04:57:39

dodo comander 
Level 57
Hi there, I started building the Quebec map a long time ago but never got around to completing it. Now I am in the process of completing my project.

I want to get advice from pro 3v3 player, as my map is directed towards 3v3 or 2v2 games.

So I cut out the main bonus and added two numbers (ex 3;4) the first is what the bonus would be worth and the second how many territories it would have.

What could be changed to improve the play of the map. My aim was to imitate the Europe map bonus structure not 100% but similar.

Map link: https://www.warlight.net/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=51934

Edited 1/11/2016 04:59:38
Quebec Map- pro 3v3 player advice NEEDED!: 1/11/2016 09:51:58

Level 58
Vive le Québec libre!

I mean... As a Quebecer myself, your map immediately caught my interest. x)

I've attempted to work on a map for Quebec. It's very tricky because the land is relatively uninteresting when it comes to gameplay: almost no islands and no chokepoints (especially in the north).

Another thing is that your territories should be somewhat accurate to the administrative regions of Quebec. You should have more bonuses which include smaller territories in the south, and fewer and larger bonuses in the north.

One thing I considered is extending Quebec's border to francophone regions in North America. They include:
- The northern parts of New Brunswick (from Edmunston to Moncton);
- Prince Edward Islands;
- Yarmouth and Cape Breton Islands from Nova Scotia;
- A thick line stretching from Channel-Port aux Basques to the Great Northern Peninsula and the archaeological site Anse-aux-Meadows in Newfoundland;
- Eastern Ontario (Ottawa and its surroundings) and Northeastern Ontario (Sudbury and its surroundings);
- The northern parts of Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire

These additionnal bonuses could potentially add a lot of interesting bonuses in the south. Islands would also be created in the East and ports/ships could be added. All in all, they balance Northern Quebec.

One last thing is that there could be more 2/3 bonuses and 3/4 bonuses and that they should be spread a little more over the map. And I really don't like the two bonuses with 11 and 7 territories right in the middle of the map. xP

Oh! You could also accurately depict a few rivers in northern Quebec to make it more interested.

Edited 1/11/2016 17:53:38
Quebec Map- pro 3v3 player advice NEEDED!: 1/11/2016 09:59:34

Angry Koala
Level 57
As a soon to be Quebecker (not sure yet by I hope so), I will join this too, count me in :)
Quebec Map- pro 3v3 player advice NEEDED!: 1/13/2016 18:05:41

Glam 'd Slam Islam
Level 61
For me the thing you have to prioritize is the possitional advantage/disadvantage, for example the The 2/3 bonuses I see, should be outpossitioned by 67% or 75% of the bordering bonuses

4/5(teal) and 3/4 (white/light blue) at the western edges of the map should be also outpossitioned by all the bordering territories

7/11 in the center should have advantage over all bordering bonuses except 6/7(north) and 5/7 SW

4/6 (teal that borders the 6/9) might be good if it borders 6/8 (ivory) in the north
Quebec Map- pro 3v3 player advice NEEDED!: 1/13/2016 18:28:36

Level 58
Liberté! Join the revolution with Scotland!
Quebec Map- pro 3v3 player advice NEEDED!: 1/14/2016 18:11:49

Level 60
Dodo, are you back for good? If so, invite me to a test game on it when you get it there.
Quebec Map- pro 3v3 player advice NEEDED!: 1/14/2016 19:46:47

Level 60
Finally a map in which bonuses have different territories-income value! I like that
My only suggestion for now is to make some big territories that can work as chokepoints, since the map is very open it risks to become a mere brawl map.

Feel free to invite me for your tests

Edited 1/14/2016 19:51:54
Quebec Map- pro 3v3 player advice NEEDED!: 1/14/2016 19:54:26

Master of the Dead 
Level 63
Invite me too!
Quebec Map- pro 3v3 player advice NEEDED!: 1/14/2016 20:15:58

Beren • apex 
Level 63
I wonder if adding the Atlantic provinces wouldn't make it a more strategic template? Then you'd have a few island bonuses that are a little more easily defensible.
Quebec Map- pro 3v3 player advice NEEDED!: 1/14/2016 20:22:12

Timinator • apex 
Level 64
most interesting bonuses seem to be located in one corner atm. spread the best territory:ratio bonuses more around.
create some bufferzones to seperate some of the better valued bonuses.
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