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Attention Dutch programmers/coders: 1/8/2016 15:32:28

Level 58
Middag mense
I want to create a app on the card game Klawerjas or as you may know it as Klaverjas. There is currently no South African version of the game. Ours is similar to klaverjas but it is more strategic in my opinion where the higher face cards can beat a ten even though it counts less points.

I will need some help with this project of mine, feel free to use this thread to discuss ideas. This is obviously open to anyone really but this game is pretty much only played in South Africa and Netherlands with a small older population mostly.

I believe this game is a good card strategy game and it would be a fun project to start up. Maybe get the younger kids to start playing and having them think a little.

Al die beste,
Jou vriend Nogals
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