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Advantages to Windows 10 over 7 [Hostile Reviews]: 12/25/2015 16:55:21

Level 58
If you disable all the settings, you get an equal version to Windows 7.

* Customize Settings/Options during install to get rid of everything.


(-) Windows 10 deleted my Minesweeper Files ! Blasphemy... It is a Windows Classic and Mascot.


(+) Store available as an application. A setting to test your programs your computer...

Is Store Windows 7 compatible ? Is there a third party program to test apps ?


(+) Support & Updates


Windows 7 may become obsolete. Many developers support Windows 7 but you have some Windows 8 Programs only.


(-) Windows Movie Maker IS BEST. All other versions are wrong.


(+/-) If you use third party programs, there is not difference.

Third Party always better than Windows.


(+/-) Hardware upgrade is 100 x times more worth than *Version* Upgrade. If you plan to buy a computer in the next three years, it makes more sense to buy it Windows 10 than old versions.

If you make the Upgrade, you can get accustomed to Windows 10.


(-) App Store is a Waste of CPU and RAM.

Windows Sudoku and Windows JigSaw is XBOX ONE only.

Microsoft Solitaire is XBOX ONE exclusive...
It is a Windows Classic (tm). On computers since 1995... How could they have done this ?

(+/-) Mojhang is PC. It is a fun game when bored.

(-) App Store is worse than Steam Greenlight.


(-) Windows 10 has Rootkit like behavior. It stops my computer for 5 minutes and install 20 updates at the same time without permission.


(-) Internet Explorer

Still bad

Firefox will support Chrome Plugins in the next 6 months / year. Browser war ended. Standardization is good !


(+)Native Task Manager more friendly.

Third Party is still better.


Hostile Reviews :

Upgrade :

* If you don't use third-party.

* If you plan to buy a Windows 10 Computer.

* If you want a Windows 7 Reskin.

Don't upgrade :

* If you don't plan to buy Windows 10.

* If all the settings and Windows app Shovelware scares you.

* If you hate the Store. (Possible to uninstall / Not OS bound)

* If Microsoft scares you with Rootkit-like behavior. It was hard to uninstall I.E. for some time. The same thing is happening with Edge...

* If you want your PC to stay a PC and not a tablet...


Worthy Information :

Third party programs exist to change UI. They are easy to use and not CPU/RAM hog. Only downside is maybe memory.

Downgrade after 30 days or Windows 10 is perma-tied.

Video Recording Software Included in OS (Win 10) for free. I suspect it will span many third party software enhancing it. I believe it will take less CPU than other programs.

Programs closer to OS is in theory less memory and cpu expansive. There are many new improved Functions and Win 10 Programs only. They can outclass other programs. Better support for Win 10 programs.

Direct X 12 is coming... Only a few graphic cards will support it.

Top concerns :

If they keep most Windows 7 programs, I will be happy with Win 10. Some programs that are most use for me is Task Scheduler, Computer Log and POWER SHELL.

Those programs need to be kept the way they are and not replaced by any inferior version.
Advantages to Windows 10 over 7 [Hostile Reviews]: 12/26/2015 00:20:18

Thomas 633
Level 56
Its also worth noting that the stock settings hugely invade your privacy and to get Cortana working you have to enable some of the ones that take your info.
Advantages to Windows 10 over 7 [Hostile Reviews]: 12/26/2015 00:50:36

Level 58
Yeah, Express Installation is BAD.

The 30 day refund is very nice. Everyone can try it and give their opinion. :3

I just red that Microsoft plans to make Windows 10 the last and update it over time.

One big + for me on Win 10 is that I have the Store now (Not available on Win 7). And I can use the store to download XBOX App and play XBOX games on my computer. :P

I am not sure if you can play both on computer and XBOX if you use digital download. I am also very interested to know if all games will be compatible.

XBOX tries to be Steam and it is not a bad thing.

The other ++ is that Win 10 may be more 64 bit compatible (???). If I buy a computer and it is cheap with 64 bit support, this will be very good.

Otherwise, I can try to get linux even if I don't know if it is worth it. Most programs on Windows are also available on MAC.


On a random note :

There is a 7ZIP clone called 7ZIP Winrar. The company selling the clone product should be ip banned and have his commerce rights removed plus fine.

Note 2 :

I still haven't figured how to kill Edge and remove some *featurees*. :P

I know how to reg edit. I AM Pro Windows User. :)

Note 3 :

I will keep the initial review for historical purposes. Once I find how to destroy all unwanted features, my view of the new OS will be more favorable. There are already some batch programs that kill paid ads in Store Games or protect real time against Windows Ad Gathering. XP

http://www.softpedia.com/get/Tweak/System-Tweak/O-O-ShutUp10.shtml fixes some privacy issues.

Taken from http://news.softpedia.com/news/stop-windows-10-telemetry-and-other-data-collecting-489571.shtml



A must-have ! Free programs that fix Windows 10 Privacy.

Edited 12/26/2015 01:15:03
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