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AOE's Christmas Message!: 12/24/2015 19:40:21

[WOLF] The Conservative
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AOE's Christmas Message!

Tomorrow will probably be the lowest participation day of the year so I decided to take the time and wish you all a very merry Christmas!. The origins of Christmas are of some debate but most historians believe it was some type of Jewish-Christian holiday. Whatever the origin, the most widely celebrated version of Christmas is observing the supposed day of Christ's birth. For all of you who are Christians, I just wanted to remind you of how important tomorrow is. We get so caught up in our own happiness and drama of the season that we totally forget about the man who died so we could have all of this. You have heard the story a million times, so much that it has been branded into your mind making it so it's now just part of the holiday tradition and not an actual amazing event. If you are told the same story over and over again eventually the excitement and joy you feel drifts away. This Christmas season, please, take time to celebrate the sacrifice a man made so we could all lay under our tree opening presents and getting pissed off because you didn't get Total War Rome 2!!!.........sorry old memories

So happy Hanukkah, Christmas, and I can't remember what Islam calls it but happy that too lol. So AOE's message is whatever your celebrating this year, take time to honor and observe the origins and Traditions that started it all. From all of us at AOE, we Wish you a very merry Christmas
AOE's Christmas Message!: 12/25/2015 00:14:43

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The Senate approves this message.
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