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World of Noliterre Update: 12/24/2015 17:16:43

Level 55
An update for "World of Noliterre" should be out within the next 24 hours which fixes all of the connection issues.

A second update should also be out this month thay redisgns the Archipelago to 5 or 6 larger islands instead of small islands. The connections and bonuses will stay the same.
World of Noliterre Update: 12/24/2015 20:38:26

Level 57
This is great map I do give credit for that, but why on earth you need to spam this in Forum? Can´t you do the advertisement somewhere else? Why is it so hard for people to understand what Forum ought to be about.

Now imagine every map maker starts posting about small correction and making new thread for each of them? Isn´t map Map Page for updates? It should not be that hard to figure it out.
Posts 1 - 2 of 2