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The Impaller vs Nuckluck II: 3/18/2011 18:45:03

NuckLuck (Retired) 
Level 30

Well at least I actually picked 6 territories this time, as I would end up needing it. Its a testament to The Impaller's skill level that he was able to beat me when I knew all 3 of his starting spots :/
The Impaller vs Nuckluck II: 3/18/2011 19:09:57

The Impaller 
Level 9
I guess that's why knowing is only half the battle!

You should have gone with 5 territories, and then been randomly assigned your 6th. It could have been something like South Africa to shut down my West Africa!
The Impaller vs Nuckluck II: 3/19/2011 04:15:30

Level 3
Interestingly enough, I started doing a little research today on how knowledge of the opponent's picks affects winning percentage... and knowing all three was actually the worst possible thing, based on winning percentage! It was a pretty small sample size (it's only happened about 20 times, if I remember correctly, don't have the data in front of me), so that could be partially attributed to chance. But it really surprised me. I'll post a thread about this when I finalize the data.
The Impaller vs Nuckluck II: 3/22/2011 16:26:50

Level 7
knowing all three of your opponents picks means that there were clearly desirable spots and you didn't get them. i would totally expect that to suck.
The Impaller vs Nuckluck II: 3/22/2011 17:28:20

Level 5
I find knowing 2 usually let's me guess the 3rd with a high percentage of accuracy. That's the ideal result for me. Sadly I almost always get my 1-3 and my opp ends up knowing 1 or 2 of my picks.
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