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A few small questions. Nothing serious: 12/2/2015 21:30:00

Level 56
Some special designations:

Captain Trips - Executive Commander - Successor to Dr. Stupid
Dr. Stupid - Socializer of Sociopaths - Originator
Ninjanic - Cartographer of Catastrophes (Official Mapmaker)
Kasparov - Co-Founder.. 1st seat - Honorary Hall of Flames

Divisional Leaders:
TBD - Division 1
The Bloody Nine - Division 2
[NL] Kempo95 - Division 3
NostanceTD - Division 4
Drakesey - Division 5
Gilesy - Division 6
TBD - Division 7
TBD - Division 8

The Regular teams are:
Division 1: The Pretty Princesses, Wild Beasties, and LoL All Stars
Division 2: CataClysm Killers, The Gunslingers, The Washington Generals, Dr. Stupid's Alts
Division 3: The Harlem Globetrotters, The Wazzu Babies, Les Borreaux
Division 4: Rhonin, The Five Guys, The Odd Evens, Saving Face.
Division 5: Choose Your Destiny, The Angels of Death, and The Hedonists
Division 6: The FTA, The StraitAtEm, and The Dangerous Dafodils
Division 7: ???
Division 8: ???

To LEA management + whomever it may concern,

Can you confirm which teams and divisions still exist? I've heard some odd tidings from sources close to the LEA, and would like to know more about where the League stands at this time.

Best wishes,

A few small questions. Nothing serious: 12/2/2015 22:30:29

Dr. Stupid 
Level 58
I don't think any of these teams or divisions still exist. That is mostly a relic of my tenure there. When LEA first made the leadership transition from me to Captain Trips, most of these teams were missing people here and there throughout the league. since then to my knowledge no one has put the enormous amount of time into restoring the teams that it would take. They've been more focused on encouraging activity through internal competitions. I think the 5v5 game format from the LEA is largely in the rearview mirror.

I would assume one of these days, Captain Trips will update the clan page to be more reflective of its current focus. I am happy to have been a part of the LEA and am looking forward to what Captain Trips chooses to do with it.
A few small questions. Nothing serious: 12/8/2015 02:00:08

Level 54
this one is not famous meahaha
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