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Bank Time Settings: 12/1/2015 16:39:40

Master Ree 
Level 58
While having set time limits to play your turn is structured and simple, I think it can be both boring and prolongs games needlessly. My question to everyone is what they think good bank time settings are that are both fair and quickens the game. I do understand that all games are different, whether it be a difference in game type (real-time or multi-day), template, number of moves and # of players (1v1 or team).

For the purpose of this thread, let's limit it to multi-day games.

What are fair bank time settings?

Does it change based on the direct boot time? Is having a set time from turn 1 the better option or rewarding players who play quickly in percentages added? Should you only have extra time during the picking stage or throughout? Should bank time expire? Differences between 1v1 and team games, or is there? Difference between templates, or is there?

Bank Time Settings: 12/1/2015 16:55:58

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 58
If i were to add Bank time i would set an maximum bank time (probably 3 minutes or one day) and then once they use it they can earn it back. but i don't mind people taking that long, though.
Bank Time Settings: 12/1/2015 17:52:27

Master Jz 
Level 61
I used to do banked times in 1v1 games, and tried to set it up so that people could easily take 2-3 days for a turn once a week.

I wish there was a max bank time setting, and I'd set it to 2 days. Since there isn't (that I know of), maybe something like:
1 day base
50% of remaining time is banked
Expires after 8 turns
Bank Time Settings: 12/1/2015 20:05:57

Level 56
I was recently playing around with a chess program and noticed that lots of chess these days is played in the 'Blitz' style, where there's a large initial bank of time and each turn earns you a relatively small amount of extra time. For example, you start with 5 minutes banked, and each turn you take earns you 30 seconds more. This is apparently a very popular way of playing.

I think the Warlight banking thing could be configured to model this pretty close to exactly. E.g. if you start with a bank of 4:30, and each turn is 30s, and you bank 100% of the time remaining. But I guess you only have options to set turn length in minutes, right? So you could get close with 1 minute turns, 4 minutes initially banked.

For a WL game, it would probably be more like initial bank of say 15 minutes with 1 or 2 minutes per turn, 100% banking.

For multi-day, you might start with 5-7 days banked, and 1 day per turn, or something like that.

The idea is to allow for a few long turns where you have to think, but most turns are supposed to be quick (to build up banked time for harder moves later). Not sure how well that translates into WL.
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