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refresh button prevention?: 3/11/2011 02:21:16

Level 44
I'm interested in a way to toggle the refresh button to stop refreshing...

I know this sounds like an odd, and likely non-installed addition.. but personally i spend a fair bit of time goign back to the history of games to look at certain parts for various things *spy cards, area's I've lost control of, wasteland locations* and have tried putting that up on a second monitor with the history put to a certain spot.. but then it always kickes me back up to the gametime whenever it refreshes and the turns changed.. which can get quite troublesome
refresh button prevention?: 3/11/2011 03:40:30

Level 58

Warzone Creator
I've run into this too. I think a better solution would be for it to not kick you out of history when a turn advances. Probably just because it's more intuitive - many people would not immediately realize that turning off refresh would fix this issue.

Thanks for reporting it!
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