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bostonfred defeated Perrin3088: 3/10/2011 22:58:08

Level 36

what happened here? I don't see why the surrender happened.
bostonfred defeated Perrin3088: 3/10/2011 23:02:04

Level 14
While bostonfred was in a better position, there was still plenty for Perrin to work with. I'm a bit baffled myself.
bostonfred defeated Perrin3088: 3/11/2011 02:26:15

Level 7
Well, I knew all three of his starting positions, and had already eliminated two. And he knew that, because he'd seen me at all three. He also knew that I had a bonus, which pretty much had to be India, when we met in Scandinavia/Greenland. So we were pretty clear on where to find each other. Now it was just a race to North Africa or Europe, whichever came first. I was going to have Greenland this turn, obviously, and could take the Russias and East China easily. He could get Australia, South America, Antarctica, and a couple of Africas. By the time we met, it would likely be 28-21 in income, or worse, and every other option for him had wastelands, so even if he tried to get creative it would have been a mess. This one was over, but I would have gladly played it out.
bostonfred defeated Perrin3088: 3/11/2011 02:34:25

Level 28
I had the same conclusion as BF did after watching this game. It really took him one turn too long to surrender, I think. Bostonfred would have had a substantial gap in income by the time the two sides met again, and he could have just kept expanding at his own leisure for as long as he liked whilst keeping Perrin in check. It was a done game, although usually we do still see these games played out to their extension.
bostonfred defeated Perrin3088: 3/11/2011 02:41:52

Level 44
I was debating on playing this one out or not.. I figured i had had a disadvantage when it came to income, knew he'd have greenland that turn, and likely E.Rus the next, and I had limited expansion due to wastelands.. perhaps i should of waited for him to pwn me later, i might of been able to trick him a few times to my advantage, but It's disheartening to lose 2/3 starting bonuses so early, lol
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