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Standard Diplomacy Rules: 11/19/2015 15:11:32

Level 57
I could have sworn that there was a thread about this yesterday but I can't find it.

So, in order for Diplomacy to be recognised as a class of game, there needs to be a Standard set of rules.

In order to create this we need a collaboration of both Diplo players, Diplo makers and Staff, whether the last one will actually be fulfilled we will not know for a while.

In most diplomacies:

Declare Turn X, Attack Turn X+1.
Alliance Sizes are 2 players to 1 quarter of the total people playing, excluding players who quit.
Don't play slowly.
PM allowed.
Breaking rules results in becoming a PE.

In some diplomacies:

Surrenders must be accepted.
PEs can agree to contracts to end their PEity sent by the victim.
Standard Diplomacy Rules: 11/21/2015 06:18:38

Level 46
It was my thread.


I like the part where you just put ¨in some games¨ part. I think I will have to steal that. Thanks

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Standard Diplomacy Rules: 11/21/2015 06:28:20

Level 46
And, I´ll be making a new thread soon, and I´ll leave a link.


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