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Panzer Vll MAUS vs M1 Abrams: 11/18/2015 04:08:05

Empire of Kilos
Level 32

3000 Panzer VIII Maus's. 200 Infantry units.

3500 M1 Abrams. 500 Infantry units.


Warsaw, Poland.


Heavy rain.


For Germany, a resurrected Hermann Balck.

For the United States of America, a resurrected George Marshall.


Germany has defenses set up.

USA has the support of the Polish Citizen.

USA has Unmanned Aerial Vehicle's scouting enemy positions.

Given these factors. Who would most likely emerge victorious in the Battle for Warsaw?

If you think this doesn't make sense. Would you rather have another "A growing threat" thread?

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Panzer Vll MAUS vs M1 Abrams: 11/18/2015 06:07:37

Diplomatic Immunity 
Level 54
Would you rather have another "A growing threat" thread?

Who wouldn't?
Panzer Vll MAUS vs M1 Abrams: 11/18/2015 08:14:54

Level 56
I guess America forces; numerically superiors / aerial surveillance / help and knowledge from Polish partisans.
Panzer Vll MAUS vs M1 Abrams: 11/19/2015 04:06:27

Finston Lurdill 
Level 47

Numbers: Slight advantage to America, but it's certainly not enough for them to come out ahead.

Leadership: Marshall would have a better organized officer force, but Hermann Balck gets the point here for more battle experience (especially since the armies are mostly armor-focused).

Logistics aren't covered in this, and neither is soldier experience, so no point to either here.

Intelligence: USA definitely gets the point here. Local support and UAVs give the USA the ability to choose where to attack.

Location/Weather: This is where it all falls apart for the US. Modern military doctrine when attacking a fortified city calls for at least a 10:1 ratio for the attackers. Between the heavy rain and flat lands, I'd say you'd need a minimum of 15:1, definitely more, to assault Warsaw. And the Americans are attacking with a 1.25:1 ratio! Even assuming the Germans are split into 4 groups of 800 to cover every direction, at best the Americans get a 5:1 ratio. The Americans are screwed.

Edit: The Americans do get one advantage in that the lack of German troops constitutes less static defenses, but they're still screwed.

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Panzer Vll MAUS vs M1 Abrams: 11/19/2015 06:05:21

Connor True
Level 40
The M1 Abrams has a better gun and armor, the tanks alone could take the Germans out
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