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Under the Microscope: {Olympus}: 11/18/2015 02:21:06

Level 30
Today on Under the Microscope, brought to you by *cough*a mysterious alt*cough*, we take a look at {Olympus}.

Number of members: 19
Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twelve_Olympians
Tagline: Όλα χαλάζι τους θεούς του Ολύμπου
Created: 3/7/2015

Revolving around the theme of Ancient Greek gods, {Olympus} is a unique clan that boosts a quality community of experienced and mature players. The clan offers a diverse set of venues for various types of members: from participation in the clan league to clan hosted diplomacy games. Led by the “big brother god”, Zeuc, the clan is divided into three “regions” that compete against each other in competitive team games and tournaments. In addition to internal tournaments and games {Olympus} also has a clan chat game set up for their members to communicate with one another in real time.

The clan page is fairly direct and to the point about their Greek gods theme. {Olympus} also has an interesting and unique requirement for prospective members looking to join that few --if any-- warlight clans require of recruits. Those who wish to join are required to “shed their old skin and become a god”, meaning that they want you to change your username to that of a Greek god or goddess. Overall the clan is quite active and would be a great option for any Greek mythology buffs --or anyone willing to change their name to Aphrodite-- out there.

Informative Clan Page: (B+)
Clean/Mature Reputation: (A-)
Member Benefits: (A-)
Clan Activity: (B+)
Unity/Achievements: (B)
X Factors: (B-)
Overall Clan Quality: [8/10]

*this is just an analysis from myself. feel free to disagree or discuss further about the clan and possible factors about them i may have missed. Who will be the next clan...Under the Microscope?*
Under the Microscope: {Olympus}: 11/18/2015 02:27:22

Diplomatic Immunity 
Level 54
Do us Gentlemen :#
Under the Microscope: {Olympus}: 11/18/2015 02:37:33

Level 51
Just don't do Optimum until they actually do something. >_> knyte needs to get his life together
Under the Microscope: {Olympus}: 11/18/2015 08:06:45

Level 56
Does anyone know how many under the microscopes there are? Around 8 or more.

Also good work as always BanaNa.
Under the Microscope: {Olympus}: 11/18/2015 09:26:03

Level 33
yes, good job BanaNa. Do more analysis.
Under the Microscope: {Olympus}: 11/18/2015 11:17:36

Level 39
Nice work Banana, Very accurate description :)
Under the Microscope: {Olympus}: 11/18/2015 16:40:51

Level 58
Very good job, as usual, naNa :)
Under the Microscope: {Olympus}: 11/18/2015 20:39:46

Lord of Turnips
Level 59
You can find out the link to all of them and how many there are on his profile page.
Under the Microscope: {Olympus}: 11/18/2015 20:47:33

Level 63
Zeus is semi-retired, we're more run by a council at the moment, but good analysis, thanks :)

Edited 11/18/2015 20:47:54
Under the Microscope: {Olympus}: 11/18/2015 21:10:27

Luna {TJC}
Level 56
Ah good call turnip thanks for the info.

Also who do you reckon this Mysterious Alt is?

Edited 11/18/2015 21:17:53
Under the Microscope: {Olympus}: 11/18/2015 21:32:34

Lord of Turnips
Level 59
Banana is an alt of Cootabang, both play from New York, and are in the same team games that are marked as favourites on Bananas profile. I could be wrong and they are just friends but I doubt it as no one would take this seriously if it was made by someone from the Poon Squad.
Under the Microscope: {Olympus}: 11/19/2015 01:40:40

Level 30
good try ;)

but no.
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