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Troll defeated Chas: 3/8/2011 17:37:22

Level 36

Wow, what a roller coaster of a game! What a comeback by Chas and then Troll over the top! That was a fun one to watch and it seemed like it was intense the whole time. Too bad Chas couldn't fully get Troll out of africa sooner or it would have been a few more turns!
Troll defeated Chas: 3/8/2011 17:41:45

Level 14
Yeah, it was a good game. After I knocked him out of Antarctica I relaxed and figured I probably had a big enough advantage to coast the rest of the way, but I was sadly mistaken. Looking through the history and graphs was pretty interesting.
Troll defeated Chas: 3/8/2011 20:39:30

Level 5
It came down to the super stack attack in Causacus. Chas could've delayed losing West Russia and maybe forced T to turn the stack around. Also trying to consolidate gains in Arica instead of just busting and denying spread his armies out. Very tight, close game until that fateful 115x66 attack.
Posts 1 - 3 of 3