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The Paris Bombings: 11/15/2015 15:16:03

Von Jewburg
Level 35
On Friday, over one hundred people died to a suicide bomber in Paris.
Only weeks earlier, the entire EU was debating the refugee crisis.
Earlier this year, many people were shot down by terrorists for drawing Mohammed.

After suffering two horrible attacks by terrorists, I doubt Europe will change its policy on the refugee crisis.

Why? There's a clear danger, and yet borders are still very free.
I understand the need to help these people, but two major attacks have happened, and the EU still decides to let even more people in. And sooner or later, an IS member will slip in, and we'll have another attack.
I am not suggesting to close the borders, but some compromise must be reached where we can still allow Syrian refugees, but also make sure that we do not have another attack like this.
The Paris Bombings: 11/15/2015 18:34:14

Level 56
They'd also slip in as "Holiday makers" or "Business people" or even get recruited over the internet. Unless they start sending 1000s through as refugees then it won't really make a difference.
The Paris Bombings: 11/15/2015 19:47:10

Gen. NumbNuts
Level 48
This supposedly happened after the bombings. ISIS went from cracking jokes to pissing people off real quick. Just like our very own Warlight trolls :D

The Paris Bombings: 11/15/2015 20:35:04

Rogue Nikolai Krogius
Level 58
We should set up a safe zone in Syria, jordan, or saudi arabia so that all countries can give the people humanitarian and military aid. Then we can just deport all the refugees there.
The Paris Bombings: 11/16/2015 02:35:32

Level 53
no they need to die the ''refugees'' that is

Edited 11/16/2015 02:35:58
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