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Get back to good ol dictators: 11/15/2015 03:10:41

Rogue Nikolai Krogius
Level 58
Remember the good ol days when America supported ruthless, anti-democratic dictators over rebells? Yeah. America actually stood for law and order instead of organized murder (commonly known as "civil war"). Back when America only intervened when our pocketbooks were a little light or when the American natives wouldn't relocate, or when our ships were getting attacked by pirates.

Now all that is gone. Now Americans actually give a crap about the condition of the people around the world (shame on us). We are willing to support a (seemingly) democratic Lydian and Syrian rebels and allow them to kill hundreds of thousands of people on the off chance that the quality of life might go up 2% in the event that a democracy takes hold.

Gone are the days when America would value dictators like Saddam Hussein, Omar Qaddafi, and Assad. Now the entire nation just can't wait for the right moment to throw them under the bus, let their bodies be dragged in the streets by a bunch of barbarians, and sanction their countries to be overrun by countless 'freedom fighters', wielding American rifles, that simply perpetuate chaos, destruction, and desolation wherever they go.

Now the Russians have finally learned what America has known since our founding. That promoting the unpopular dictator is almost ALWAYS better than promoting the rebels. They have decided to put skin in the game and fight the destabilizing rebels. But what is the American response now that the protical Bear has returned? We shun the bear and undermine them ever step of the way. Shame on us.

I want to make this very clear. I do not want a world ruled by despots and corruption. But when faced with complete anarchy, EVER alternative is preferable.

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Get back to good ol dictators: 11/15/2015 03:14:44

Level 53
they're equally bad
Get back to good ol dictators: 11/15/2015 03:16:13

Level 55
I don't know what you're talking about, I think a monarchy would be wonderful and is greatly underestimated the goods of a monarchy, mostly by antique Republican lozings from ~1900 to ~1970.
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