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game of thrones questions: 11/14/2015 10:18:49

Thomas 633
Level 56

Questions about the end of season 5:

Why did they kill the girl?
Why isn't Jaime dead?
Why didn't the guys on horses see the FUCKING GREAT BIG DRAGON?
Is Bronn and the girl on a date or not?
How did Jon survive all the... stabbing?
What does Davos do now?
Where the hell is Lady Stoneheart (and all the other characters that they haven't used yet)
If the guy who died wasn't a person, then why did his death pay for Meryn Trant's?
How does killing someone else pay for a death? Shouldn't you call off the hit on the thin man to make up for it?
How did Theon and Sansa survive jumping off a CASTLE WALL that looks to be 50m tall?
How on earth can all the Suns of the Harpy afford gold plate masks?
How do they make them in such vast quantities without the queen knowing?
How does walking naked through a city mean you repented?
If you starve someone, aren't you committing a sin as well?
How does Varys know everything?
How did burning the kid help?
How does burning anyone help?
If Jon hadn't shot Mance, would burning the girl still be needed?
How did Winterfell feed that many people?
Shouldn't the water around a White Walker freeze?
Was it really needed for a kid to stab Jon? Did you really need to make this show even more R rated?
Same for burning the girl?
Hasn't Jorah touched a bunch of people with his left arm by now? So why aren't they all dead?
Why doesn't Jorah just cut off his arm?

game of thrones questions: 11/14/2015 13:15:00

Level 36
Wow, they released the season before the book came out?
Wew lad
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