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Watching Ladder Games: 3/8/2011 03:35:09

Poop Sandwich 
Level 56
Anyone get a little annoyed that when you click on a game to watch it, the last turn is shown?

It ruins watching games for me because I know how they end up before I see them from the start.

Anyone else bothered enough to want to get this changed? =P
Watching Ladder Games: 3/8/2011 04:32:21

Level 58

Warzone Creator
What annoys me is knowing the winner before I even get into the game. I've considered having a "Suspense mode" that, when activated, would avoid showing you the winner on the ladder pages and take you to turn 0 in history when you click on a game.
Watching Ladder Games: 3/8/2011 04:56:16

Level 44
Watching Ladder Games: 3/8/2011 05:30:07

Level 16
Doesn't it actually start at the turn before last, I always have to skip to end of turn to get to the end of the game. I find that annoying and always have to click skip to end before bringing up the history to watch the game. Suppose I may be able to skip that part and just go straight to the history, but when I close history it will be back there and be so unclean. Was there a reason it starts not quite at the end or could you change/fix that?
Watching Ladder Games: 3/9/2011 05:25:44

Level 28
Totally agree with this. I always want to guess who has the superior position at the beginning of the game and see how it develops, but if I already know who wins, it's not very fun anymore.
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