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TIL : Mnemonics = Memory of Chess Player: 11/13/2015 04:56:11

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Alfred Binet made a test that is a precursor to all current "age" IQ tests.

He tried to study and understand intelligence and wrote many books.

He has one theory that with mnemonics, you can develop your memory to MASTER CHESS PLAYERS.
Binet believes that intelligence is not hereditary (!!!!). The second thing is that everything can happen with practice ! It destroys the whole belief that one class is better than the others. Like the RULING class rules because it is smart...

He was in one way a democrat. He also made Special Classes to suit needs or help people that had some problems on few school subjects. You can have people that are very very very good at mathematics but understand nothing about reading.

Chess Players have good visual memory, Alfred Binet concluded.

How do you develop mnemonics ? Are you good at mnemonics ? Do you have mnemonics strategies or tricks you use ? Should schools teach mnemonics ? Should schools drop IQ Tests ?

Note : Binet invented *IQ* tests to find strengths and weaknesses. It was not meant as a measurement of intelligence.
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