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Impaller's Pick Imporium: 3/5/2011 01:30:27

The Impaller 
Level 9
Going to start making semi-regular threads about starting spots to see what people would choose. Here is a really good one from a recent ladder game I had. This map is loaded with powerful options. What's the pick order and why?

Impaller's Pick Imporium: 3/5/2011 05:08:16

Level 3
West Russia
South America
Central Russia
West Africa

Mexico first in case I don't get it I know my opponent has it.

Antarctica in case my opponent gets Mexico.

West Russia because it's close to Scandinavia so I can either pick on my opponent or take it myself.

South America because it's actually not a waste of time on this map.

Central Russia is just the next best thing, East China or East Africa would be okay, too.

West Africa (as opposed to E. Africa) so I can tell if my opponent is in S. America.
Impaller's Pick Imporium: 3/5/2011 06:54:51

Level 44
but with your 4 pick, you already know if he's in SAm or not..
Impaller's Pick Imporium: 3/6/2011 12:54:04

Level 4
how many territories are we getting? three like in the ladder games? Cause I typically play my own games with four.

If three, I'd do it one of two ways.

in order:

1. Central russia; will be the first bonus I plan to collect. Four troops deployed there the first turn making nine. Four of the nine attacking the tile above your starting and the remaining attacking below. It's iffy on on 16% though. My luck is never assuring ^_^

2. Antarctica; will be the next bonus I attempt to sure up, once Central russia is mine. I deploy that last remaining troop from turn 1 to this tile so that I'm almost sure to conquer the centered tile of the bonus the first turn.

3. Mexico; as my final first tier choice for three locations, it's mostly a back up in case either of my other positions are contested within the first two turns or so. Nothing deployed there first turn. Of course given the simple way I've chosen to play, I could also swap my strategy from antarctica to mexico. Either or. I just prefer it this way.

Second tier in case I find myself out picked ^^

4. Scandinavia; Mainly a double back up quick pick up bonus. For if either of my bonuses have been pulled from under me in pick order.

5. East China; Easily hooked, and opens a door to several other fast catch bonuses. Don't think I've ever missed two of my own choices before, so I've never had to resort to a fifth choice in a three starting location game. Precautions y0
Impaller's Pick Imporium: 3/6/2011 13:03:24

Level 4
And if it were four starting positions like the games I like to host(although I don't add wastelands as I loath them xD)

1. West Africa; much like my previous strategy I'll be deploying four to this tile making nine total. I'll be attacking the two west africa adjacent(to the starting location's east) with four troops each.

2. East Africa; Nothing deployed to this location. It'll be attacking the west africa tile.

3. North Africa; Nothing deployed to this location. It'll be attacking the last remaining West Africa tile.

4. Scadinavia; the last remaining troop will be deployed here on turn one so that we're almost sure to capture the centered territory within this bonus.

If all goes well on the first turn, you should have west africa(+4) as well as the centered tile in scandinavia. This turn you will deploy however many troops you need in order to total eleven on the centered scandinavian tile. Attacking the two remaining tiles of the bonus with five each. I do it this way cause I always get killed on attacks if I don't go slightly overkill when attacking neutrals.

Second turn moves vary depending on whether or not you're in contact with the other player. More so on the turns to follow.
Impaller's Pick Imporium: 3/7/2011 00:18:10

Guy Mannington 
Level 40
1 mexico
2 antartica
3 east china
4 Scandinavia
5 west africa
6 middle east

1 and 2 for quick bonus and fairly spread out/fast access to south america and africa
3 because asia is pretty open
4 for a possible quick bonus and good expansion
5 and 6 I would think the other player would be in africa and i could bait into a fight here and expand elsewhere.

My picks seem to always be bad so i am more writing this for advice on whats wrong with it rather than as advice lol
Is it more important to have a back up for asia than I think?
Impaller's Pick Imporium: 3/7/2011 05:26:23

Level 3
@Perrin: Oh yeah. I should stop posting when I'm tired :)
Impaller's Pick Imporium: 3/7/2011 09:13:45

The Impaller 
Level 9

There's a link to the actual game. I still like the pick order I had. (for the record I was going to post it regardless of how the game went, because I thought it was one of the most interesting maps I had seen)
Impaller's Pick Imporium: 3/7/2011 16:02:26

Level 5
Waya and my ladder game has a brutally hard pick map. We both struggled with initial picks. He or I will add it or send you the linkwhen we finish it.
Impaller's Pick Imporium: 3/7/2011 20:31:20

Poop Sandwich 
Level 56
Yea, I would like to have that game back, I miscalculated some things and was at a severe disadvantage from the start.
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