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Blue Precision defeated Elucidar: 3/4/2011 06:35:18

Level 36

Wow such a fun game to watch. Nice work BP staying in there. I really like your patience with Iran and not giving it up or being greedy with it. That portion really saved you.

Great game you two.
Blue Precision defeated Elucidar: 3/4/2011 06:50:25

Level 58

Warzone Creator
Wow, that was indeed a good game.
Blue Precision defeated Elucidar: 3/4/2011 07:13:36

The Impaller 
Level 9
Very good game all around.
Blue Precision defeated Elucidar: 3/4/2011 07:38:24

Blue Precision 
Level 32
Nail bitter for sure. Turn 18 he got the first move, considering he decided to attack Malaysia with his force I was thankful that he made that move after his order delay.An error on his part that I'm sure was due to battle fatigue. That was the turn I was really banking I would get first move because I didn't want to shift back into into a wall (on the chance that he saw his opening to finally get into Asia and hammered it on the first move).

Other than that, considering I knew all his spots as of turn two, as I told him, a scrappy and inspiring performance. The outcome hung in the balance for 22 turns. This is a rematch I look forward to, one the community would like to see, and one he deserves. Great game Elucidar.
Posts 1 - 4 of 4