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1v1 Ladder - Being Booted?: 10/24/2015 01:11:22

Level 57
My PC Had to be fixed...

I was unable to be taking my turns on the 1v1 ladder meaning i got booted... I got booted from around 11 games? Rough guess atm... My rating dropped and my Boot rate rised..

My question is....

1. Is there any regulation on being booted from 1v1 ladder games?

2. Why doesn't it not kick you off the 1v1 ladder after being booted in 5 games or more?
1v1 Ladder - Being Booted?: 10/24/2015 01:26:57

Level 58
I can't answer #1. But for #2 the 1v1 ladder doesn't work like the RT ladder where it logs you off after being booted from a game (or more), instead you still stay logged on and the (1v1) ladder gives you more matches hence why your boot rate went high and your ladder rank/score decreased.
1v1 Ladder - Being Booted?: 10/24/2015 02:50:28

E Masterpierround
Level 56
I believe it kicks you off after ~10 consecutive losses due to boot. I don't know why?
1v1 Ladder - Being Booted?: 10/24/2015 03:39:42

Level 47
Sorry man, that sucks.
Next time that happens you should try finding some other way to access the web and temporarily leave the ladder. And maybe surrender the games you're currently in.
I know it can be hard to think of that sort of thing when you're dealing with the much bigger crisis of a dead computer.
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