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Various ideas: 3/1/2011 13:40:30

Level 58
Instead of spamming the User Voice Forum with a dozen or so more ideas I'd like to post them here first and see if anyone else feels compelled to start a User Voice thread for one of them - that way there would be already two people who support it :-)

1) Paratroopers Card
Similar to the Air-Lift-Card, but the target would be an enemy territory. To avoid abuse this should be limited, say max. 10 armies/card. Or make the amount configurable like the Reinforcement Card. Or limit it to x% of a player's total number of armies/x% of the source territory's armies ... etc. Maybe even have it target a random territory of an enemy you specify / give it a x% chance of hitting an adjacent territory by mistake ...

2) Air-Strike Card
Like 1), but with a fixed damage. Like dropping xx neutral armies on an enemy territory, turning it into a wasteland again if the defense is too weak. This would be more balanced, since it could break a bonus without giving the attacker a foothold in the back of the defender.

3) Fortification Card
Double the defense strength of a territory for 1 turn. If you suspect you will be attacked at exactly that choke point you could play this card.

4) Different types of connections
Allow map makers to set different types of connections. Say land routes and sea routes. Attacks via sea route could then have a modifier in favor of the defender.

5) False Intel Card
This has been mentioned before, I don't remember where I read it. Play this card and the enemy you choose will see either wrong army numbers or none of your army numbers next turn.

6) Random Bonus
Varying income from Bonuses in a given range. Say: Bonus 3 gives you 3 +-xx armies. Deviation should be customizable -> More luck ... (ok, people will hate this one :-)

7) Extra Time Bonus
Extra Bonus if you hold a Bonus for xx turns in a row.

8) Delayed Bonus
You have to hold all territories of a Bonus for xx turns, before you receive an additional armies from it. Maybe increasing turn by turn up to full strength.

9) Steal Bonus
If a Bonus is broken, the attacker gets it (once!) as a reward.

Yes, I'm bored ;-)
Various ideas: 3/1/2011 13:41:42

Level 58
Number 1), 2nd '/' should be ','
Various ideas: 3/1/2011 14:56:30

Level 56
#3: +1

another thing along these lines would be to force troops from a bonus to only be placed in that bonus, and then have to be moved
Various ideas: 3/1/2011 16:02:04

Level 7
Different types of cards have been brought up before, but I don't think randy wants to make this such a card-heavy game. Still, if I was going to suggest a new card, it would be a wild card. Two ways to implement it - one is that you literally get a card called a wild card, which you can use as a whole card. The other is that the card - or a piece of the card - allows you to get a piece of a card that you haven't gotten yet. So in a game where you have three pieces of a reinforcement card, you could get it a turn earlier. Either way, imagine deciding if you'd rather have five extra armies, or an order priority, or an order delay. There's a real decision to be made there.
Various ideas: 3/1/2011 16:11:40

Level 3
Cool idea, Fred! Honestly I like your wild card idea better than any of the other suggestions. And I like the second implementation (using it as a piece of another card).
Various ideas: 3/1/2011 16:51:49

Level 58
I think having lots of different card types is what makes warlight unique, so IMO this should be cultivated further. The problem I see is balancing those cards (+10 armies can be a lot more valuable than a Spy Card especially early on, you know what I mean ..?)
Maybe the "weaker" cards should be buyable? Like: Trade xx deploayble armies for a spy card? or Trade Turn number times xx deployable armies for a Blockade? Just a thought.
Various ideas: 3/1/2011 17:06:47

Matma Rex 
Level 12
What Fizzer has many times stated he wants, and I think most players agree with him, is that Warlight was meant to be simple and to stay simple (it even once resulted in a removal of a feature, mourned by some since then :( ).

I personally like your ideas #1-#3 (except why make #1/#2 so complicated?), I even recommended #3 some time ago.

Others are either IMO not in line with the philosophy I mentioned above or I just don't get what you meant.

I also like Fred's idea, implemented in this way: the Wildcard would be a normal card, preferably in just one piece, that could be played and thus exchanged for a piece (pieces?) of a different card.
Various ideas: 3/1/2011 17:40:12

Level 44
I like the idea of a wildcard that can be used as any card that is active in the game.
Various ideas: 3/1/2011 19:32:13

Level 5
Wildcards would be a neat idea and not too imblancing. it also addresses the fact that a lot of cards become worthless late in games.
Various ideas: 3/1/2011 20:49:37

Level 44
am thinking instead of any cards currently open, make it a checklist.. that way you could make cards accessable only through wildcards, or make carsd only accessable normally, depending on your desires..
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