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Game [Imaginary||Reasons]: 10/18/2015 03:21:25

Level 58
Rules :

Imaginary places or beings

List of reasons

Can come from video games/books/anything

Templates :

Reasons to live in kingdom/country (Neverland)

Reasons to be friends with creature (Dragons)

Reasons to not live in kingdom/country (Neverland)

Reasons to not be friends with creature (Dragons)


Why live in Minecraft World ?

- Simple physics

- No aging

- Infinite lives

- No land division problems

- Law of Matter and Energy Conservation not respected.

- Very easy to build and destroy your house.

- Explosives usage is not reglemented.

- Chemistry class is easy.

- Every mob during the day is friends with you. Unless your provoke them.

- No diseases.

- Exploration endless and safe. No need to go to space if you want to find *new lands*.

- You don't need an alarm to wake up. You wake up the same hour every time.

- Easy to manufacture all kind of things.

Edited 10/18/2015 03:33:44
Game [Imaginary||Reasons]: 10/18/2015 09:09:41

Level 36
Why not live in Minecraft world?

- Infinite lives (No matter what you do, you will always be reborn. This can and will get boring)

- No sex

- Not very much to do

- No one to talk to.

- Endermen

- No one will be able to see the great things you build
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