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I need a clan: 10/14/2015 18:06:01

Level 61
I am looking to join a clan, i will play against someone or anything to join a clan, just lmk
I need a clan: 10/14/2015 18:11:17

Level 59
If you want to get in a random clan really badly, join DARKLORDS.

If you don't, say why you'd want to join a clan and what kind of clan would it be.

That way, you may get into an actually relevant clan.

Edited 10/14/2015 18:16:36
I need a clan: 10/14/2015 18:17:18

Level 58
What do you want from the clan, what games do you enjoy? If you just want a pretty picture next to your name, join Darklords or something.
I need a clan: 10/14/2015 18:32:08

Great Expanse 
Level 59
Just browse the list of clans seeing if any of the clan pages match with your interests and goals. Do some research before coming here.
I need a clan: 10/14/2015 19:18:41

Lord of Shadows
Level 57
I think its safe to say he is interested in making money.
I need a clan: 10/16/2015 04:45:59

The Onion
Level 38
I am looking for a clan that had the common belief of Onions being a divine/ruling force if anyone knows anything just pm me.

Edited 10/16/2015 04:46:24
I need a clan: 10/16/2015 04:55:10

Diplomatic Immunity 
Level 54
If you contact me I'll check your stats and see if you're a good fit.

The Onion: Is Gentlemen respect onions as an almighty universal force, we don't worship them, but we do respect them. Does that count?
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