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wl went down?: 9/13/2013 15:31:35

{rp} Ibn Batuta 
Level 56
Warlight didn't work for an hour, that was horrible, i was seriously thinking about doing something really mad like... getting a life.

Thanks Fizzer for puting it up again!
wl went down?: 9/13/2013 15:43:23

Level 58

Warzone Creator
Unfortunately Amazon experienced an outage, and WarLight uses Amazon's hosting environment, so it also took WarLight down. It was down from 7:00 pacific time through 7:50. It currently looks like everything is working now, but if you still see any problems please let me know at fizzer@warlight.net

Amazon's status page is here, and they'll likely post a more thorough explanation for the outage in the next few days: http://status.aws.amazon.com/
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