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How is it going so far?: 2/27/2011 21:25:27

Vamp - EZSTreet 
Level 32
How do you like the Ladder? how have you been doing so far?
Personally I love the ladder but i have been doing just awful its actually made me rethink my whole war light time here.... its not so fun getting your butt kicked day in and day out. i think i am at 5 wins 13 losses... something like that.
How is it going so far?: 2/28/2011 01:06:47

Level 4
I thought I was OK at this game, but I'm getting my ass handed to me on a plate nearly every game. I'm not even sure I'm learning anything new, just losing :(
How is it going so far?: 2/28/2011 01:18:25

Level 54
I'm 100% more addicted now.
How is it going so far?: 2/28/2011 06:27:03

Level 28
I'm getting my butt kicked a lot more often, that's for sure. It is enjoyable though, and I do get to play a lot of exciting games.
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