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Hostile ASKS [Part 1]: 10/10/2015 22:26:13

Level 58
I have existential questions about my life :

What is a social network for ? Should I try to sign in one ?

Are there any fun student contests I could do in Quebec ?

Does anybody like calm/peace ? Is solitude not boring ?

What schooly things I can do with my "friends" ? Are debates a fun thing ?

My school doesn't have a debate club. Is there any interesting special activities you are subscribed to ?

What sites do you use for auto-learning ? I found some language sites to ask English questions but it is all.

Is there any Community Student Online ? I have figured out that a Youtube for ORAL PRESENTATIONS could be cool. Presentations would be rated and there is a possibility to earn prizes. Free subjects.

Sites for SCHOOL projects as DIAIRIES/BLOGS are also very nice. It seems like there could be a whole business model centered around School/Students/Learning.

How do I make friends over the Internet ? Do I order a pizza online ? :P

Add cool questions around the same themes. :P


If I created a blog/FACEBOOK/TWITTER/ANYTHING, would anyone from Warlight follow or add me ? :-)

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