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What is "Pure Skill?": 10/9/2015 05:56:24

Level 63
Just a pre-requisite of having no luck?

If so, then games such as these are - by definition -strategic: https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?GameID=9607598

I find this rather hard to believe. Therefore, I wonder - are there more specific guidelines other than the ones mentioned above? If so, what? Assuming a game has these constraints of (supposedly) no luck, when does it no longer become a game of skill?
What is "Pure Skill?": 10/9/2015 06:13:36

Level 56
Yes it actually means a game which has no luck involved, so if you use cyclic order (instead of no-luck cycle), it is no longer a "pure skill" game.
What is "Pure Skill?": 10/9/2015 07:14:27

Level 54
A euphemism used in conjunction with another euphemism ("no luck") to enable gambling on a game that still has luck and whose new "no luck" setings actually involve less skill and are not the purest settings possible (no fog + each move order as a single turn would be pure Risk settings).

Edited 10/9/2015 07:16:59
What is "Pure Skill?": 10/11/2015 21:05:02

master of desaster 
Level 65
Is the 3x3 map (tic tac toe template) on the forbidden map for pure skill list? Where can i check that?
What is "Pure Skill?": 10/11/2015 21:13:14

Miles Edgeworth
Level 59

You can see there isn't anything that says the map cannot be used for "Pure Skill" settings.

Maps such as these (https://www.warlight.net/Map/14781-40-Player-Lottery) have

    Games on this map are never considered pure-skill.

Tic-tac-toe doesn't, so "Pure Skill" settings can be applied on the map.
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