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Parent-Teacher Association: 10/4/2015 10:40:53

Level 57
A new scenario with Pisti the Hungarian and Ion the Romanian. This time, they meet at school. This time, my friends will not take the roles, so i will post just post the scenario.Enjoy!
Parent-Teacher Association: 10/4/2015 10:43:04

Level 57
Teacher: -Good Evening. I am the class master of this class and I have called you here to communicate about the situation of your children at school.
So, who is the parent of the pupil Fekete Arpad ?
Pisti: - Me…
Teacher: - He have only 2 and 3 [1] . At geography, at history, at maths, at Romanian[2] .At least why he don’t learn at Romanian ?
Pisti: - For what he need it ?
Teacher:-For what he need it …. What he want to become in the future ?
Pisti : - Prefect of Covasna [3].
Teacher:- HaHa! No chance mister. Here are a lot more good pupils than him : Muresan, Crisan,Somesan[4].
Pisti:(writes in his agenda) – Draga Europule [5] . I am writing you a list with those who are threatering the life of the future prefect of Covasna.Take care of them, the rest is in my hands…
Teacher:- Who is the parent of Ionut Pop ?
Pisti : (surprised ) :-Heh, you should have stayed home..
Ion:-Shut up… I am the father
Teacher:- I want tell you that Ionut …
Ion:- I know, I know ..He cribbed at tests, his grandmother made his homeworks, beated children, set the school on fire, stole the medicinal plants from the laboratory, craked the Director’s window. I know..
Teacher :-Really? I wanted to propose him for a prize , but if he made ale of this, we need to exmatriculate him.
Pisti : - But you can’t exmatriculate all the Romanians from this class to let my Arpy to be the only maghiar in this class.
Ion:- Anounce me when your son will remain the only maghiar in this class, to send my son to set the school on fire again.
Teacher:- Just listen at your children’s mistakes in tests. Fekete, how is pronounced Baia Mare, with – or without ?
Pisti: -Correct is pronounced Nagybánya, and it’s whitout - .
Teacher:- Ionut Pop, instead of writing that the maghiars are a historic people, he wrote ‘’histeric people’’.
Ion:- And what’s wrong with that ?
Ion :- Calm down Pisti, calm down. He haven’t said about you, he said about the maghiars. You are not a maghiar.
Pisti: - Of course I am!
Ion:- You are not a maghiar , calm down .
Pisti: -How I am not a maghiar. I am a maghiar !
Ion:- Then tell me how the criket sounds?
Pisti :- Gri gri [6]
Ion :- Well, if you said szürke szürke, i could proof that you were a maghiar....
Try to make like a horse .
Pisti: - I can’t
Ion:- Just try
Pisti: - Mihaha[7]
Ion:- Mihaha.. from waht comes mihaha, from Mihai. If you were a maghiar you would say Mihaly or Miklos. I’m sorry, but you are not a maghiar..
Pisti ( starting again to write in his agenda) :- Draga Europule, this romanian de-maghiarise the only maghiar in Ardeal.
Ion:- You are writing, but why are you doing that in romanian ?
Pisti: - Kedves Európában ez a román un-maghiarrize az egyetlen maghiar a Ardeal.
Ion :- And what understands Draga Europule from this ?
Pisti: - Dear Europe... My angry at you ! [8]
Teacher :- Mister Fekete. Your son have only bad grades at school , because everytime the teachers aski him something, he answer ’’Nem tudom’’. What does this mean ?
Pisti: - Nem tudom means that i know the asnwer, but i don’t wat to say it because i am being persecuted and obtain bad grades at school, átkozott.
Teacher:- And he is bad at history too. He said that the maghiars were the first in Ardeal?
Ion :- What ?
Pisti :- That is what the legend says. When Attila Kellay [9] have comed here with his horse, he saw Ardeal empty and let his horse. Leaving his horse, he gone to piske piske[10]. Attila piske piske , comed back, haven’t found the horse. Remained in Ardeal.
Ion: See that we were the first here.
Pisti: - You nation of thiefs, have stole historic horse.
Teacher:- And the Romania’s capital is Budapest ?
Pisti: -Budapest, why not ...
Ion:-What is it ?
Pisti: -Bucuresti..dapest, Bucurestidapest , for moment...
Teacher:-Ah, your duty as parents is to educate your children to live in armony, to speak the same language at school, tha national language .
Pisti :-Well, tell this to Ion, because he doesn’t teach his children the national language, he only teaches them the romanian language . Why he don’t try to teach them the national language? It’s not hard to say ’’Én is szeretnék egy kenyeret’’ or something like this .
Teacher:- People, Listen. If you had argued all your life, why would your children to do the same ? to not live in peace ?
Ion:- Miss, the children live in peace. Mine at least. I don’t give a fuck about his.
Pisti: -And i don;t give a fuck about yours . I am going to retreat[10] my child from this school.Draga europule (start again to write )
Ion:-Well, can you talk with your relatives to retreat their children from schools, and maybe you all to retreat from the schools, from the country, from the Europe and FROM THE UNIVERSE!
Pisti :-If i knew that I this Universe exist at least one planet without romanians, then there I would want to go
Ion: - It exist
Pisti: -Where?
Ion :- In that dierection --> , at aprox. 2 mil lightyears.
Pisti : -Sure you don’t lie.?
Ion: - If you don’t find it, after you return, i will let you to beat me .
Pisti: -And if i beat you anticipated right now , you kibaszott szemét
Ion:- Who are you insulting, belitu dracu care esti
(they start to fight one eachother )
Teacher :- Misters, stop, stop.
-Yoy, you are more stupid than your children , Istenem !
Parent-Teacher Association: 10/4/2015 10:45:37

Level 57
Here are the notes (those numbers that appears in text)
1.Correspond to –F in the american grading sistem.
2.A compulsory subject, national language.
3. One of the Romanian countries. The Maghiar population is more numerous than the Romanian (164,158 maghiars, 51,790 romanians, after the 2012 census )
4. Romanian names, inspired from the 3 main rivers in Transilvania: Mureș, Someș, and Criș,
5.Translated : Dear Europe. I used it in romanian cause the character can’t speak english well (ironic is that the entire text is in english :P)
6.Romanian sound of a Cricket. Szürke is the sound in hungarian.
7.Romanian sound for horse.
8.As i said above, the characther can’t speak english well.
9.Mithologycal personage. Maybe the leader of the maghiar tribes when they reaches the Tisa river ? (idk about it )
10.I used the word retreat to make some sense in that phrase.
Parent-Teacher Association: 10/5/2015 12:18:16

Level 38
so you have done the work finaly. Glad to see that on.
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