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Fill me in.: 10/1/2015 09:27:07

Lolicon love
Level 56
so what happened in my last night because something seemed to have happened.
Fill me in.: 10/1/2015 12:02:31

Level 36
Irony shitposted so hard that he got banned. That's all
Fill me in.: 10/1/2015 13:15:04

Level 60
OK, I apologize in advance because I am about to go into curmudgeon mode...

So yesterday, we have a troll spam the forums (mostly general, which I had to move to OT). After Fizzer/Mercer clean it all up, we have several threads on here asking what happened. I realize this is not really spamming (since it is separate people asking), but why do people just post their questions without bothering to see if it has been asked and/or answered several times on the same page?:





I am not sure what the answer is, I guess just read before asking? Or maybe if they posted a thread explaining what happened, what the punishment was and why? That way everyone would know, it would be a deterrent to future behavior, and we could all move on easily.

On the forums I am an admin on, that is what we'd do. Remove the first instance of bad content (edit the post and say why it was edited), hoping to deter future issues. If spamming happened, it would all be moved to a trash forum (for future reference), the person would be suspended/banned. Then we'd post a thread on the same forum explaining the actions taken. I'd also combine these 5 threads (4 links above plus this one) if they did happen, and re-title it to something that would allow everyone to find it fast. You could even sticky it for a day (which keeps it on the top of the forum), just to let everyone know, then unsticky it and let it die off.

Edited 10/1/2015 13:15:45
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