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Idea for a new card - strategic move: 9/30/2015 15:50:39

The Adversary 
Level 60
I have an idea for a card. In scenarios where air travel hasn't been invented yet, eg historical ones it seems daft to have an "airlift" card. Additionally there are times when the gameplay would be enhanced by not being able to bypass enemy lines and dump a load into a surrounded city.

There may be a case to be made for a "strategic movement" card, whereby you could transfer armies from one territory to another, but only through a CONNECTED route, simulating transfer by train, or horse perhaps, allowing you to move large numbers across an area you own, but not across enemy lines.

For example, I own all territories in France, plus some scattered areas in the Caribbean, plus an enclave in Warsaw. I could transfer from Bordeaux to Paris or Marseille, but not to Warsaw. If the island is connected via territories I own that would also be fine as a kind of strategic movement by ship, so long as your territories are all connected and not cut off from each other.

What do you think? Not even sure if it would be possible to do this.
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