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Semi-Complicated Euro Diplo: 9/30/2015 02:53:14

Level 56

This diplomacy game is a bit complicated, but not too hard to grasp. I've been mulling over the concept for a while and finally got to work. I'm not sure who will win the Russia conflict, so that's the main thing I'll be tweaking. It's set to a practice game because of this.

Important events:
  • Putin dies. Russia collapses into civil war.
  • Germany invades Greece because of total economic and political collapse in the country.
  • France withdrawals from the EU and creates a new alliance, the League of Europe.
  • United States invades Russia and occupies Cyprus as an advance operations base.

European Union:
D: Germany
E: Greece
F: Benelux Union
G: England
J: Nordic Union
L: Central European Concord (CEC)
Q: United Romanian Republics
AB: Poland
Y: Baltic Alliance

League of Europe:
A: France
B: Iberia
C: Confederation of Small Nations (CSN)
H: Ireland
I: British Cooperative
K: Sweden
AA: Finland
Z: Caucasus Republic
T: National Socialist Russia

Yugoslavic Pact:
M: North Yugoslavia
O: Coastal Yugoslavia
P: Eastern Yugoslavia

S: United States of America and R: Democratic Republic of Russia are allies
AC: Turkey
W: Ukraine
X: Belarus
U: New Soviet Union
V: Russian Federation

  • Germany (D) vs. Greece (E)

  • Russian Federation (V) vs. New Soviet Union (U), USA (S), Ukraine (W), Democratic Republic of Russia (R), National Socialist Russia (T), France (A), Caucasus Republic

  • New Soviet Union (U) vs. Russian Federation (V), USA (S), Democratic Republic of Russia (R), National Socialist Russia (T), France (A), Belarus (X), Baltic Alliance (Y), Ukraine (W)

  • USA (S) and Democratic Republic of Russia (R) vs. Russian Federation (V), New Soviet Union (U), France (A), National Socialist Russia (T)

  • France (A) and National Socialist Russia (T) vs. USA (S), Democratic Republic of Russia (R), Russian Federation (V), New Soviet Union (U)

  • Ukraine (W) vs. Russian Federation (V), New Soviet Union (U)

  • Belarus (X) vs. New Soviet Union (U)

  • Finland (AA) vs. New Soviet Union (U)

  • Caucasus Republic (Z) vs. Russian Federation (V)

1. Wait one turn after declaration to enter orders (declare turn x, attack turn y, attacks happen turn z)
2. No aiding PEs (gifting territories, not attacking for a long time)
3. Alliances between two nations must be announced in public chat
4. Wait one extra turn after declaring when declaring on an ally
5. No nations not involved in the Russian Civil War at the start of the game can declare on any nations currently in until they withdrawal from the war or win it.
6. A nation can join a large alliance at will, but it must be with permission of the alliance's leader (EU: Germany | LE: France | YP: No single leader) and it must be in public chat.
7. A nation does not have to ask permission to leave a large alliance.
8. No other large alliances can be formed other than the beginning three.
10. If you disobey the rules, you are PE and everyone must attack you.

Russian Federation, New Soviet Union, France, and National Socialist Russia all buffed a bit.
Semi-Complicated Euro Diplo: 9/30/2015 02:54:11

Level 56
If you've read all the rules, here's the game
Semi-Complicated Euro Diplo: 9/30/2015 10:32:15

[WL] Colonel Harthacanute
Level 51
This is basically a Free-For-All with unbalanced slots.
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