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If your AI wins ...: 9/29/2015 16:06:20

Level 48
"You have been replaced by an AI due to surrendering or being booted.
You may still chat but your orders will be determined automatically for you.
If your AI wins you will still get credit for a win as if you had won."


So i was in aforementioned game, and all my opponents had surrendered,
they got replaced by AI, but due to bad game-settings the AI's didn't surrender.
So i figured i 'd surrender as well, let my AI beat the other AI's in minimum time,
and instead the AI's voted-to-end.

Personally, i think it's a small bug, though i suspect others may disagree.
But if anything, the wording when surrendering should be changed to:
"... If your TEAM wins ..."
Because this is definately meant for team-games where one of your team mates still plays.
If your AI wins ...: 9/29/2015 16:43:01

Level 53
heh,yeah that is a fucking annoyance I wish the AIs would battle it out.
If your AI wins ...: 9/29/2015 17:37:14

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 58
umm that doesn't happen because, well that would wreck the servers.

Edited 9/29/2015 17:37:29
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