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Messing around with chess AI: 9/27/2015 00:30:13

The Final, Forbidden Knowledge
Level 56
I'm intrigued by Warlight's coin system, and I've decided to include imaginary coins in my next competition for my AI slaves.

Each player will start out with $100, similar to Warlight's 100 coins. When a game starts, both players will bet half of what the less-wealthy AI owns plus an entry fee of 10%* of the bet, paid to "Owner". Therefore if both players start with $100, they will pay $10 and bet $50; the loser will end with $40 and the winner with $140. If one of the weakest AI becomes destitute, I will redistribute the money collected from the entry fees among the bottom 5 AI so that the players can still compete (though they will likely lose the money to the players above them). In the event of a draw, both players keep the bet, but the entry fee is still collected.

Also, since I've grown really bored of Stockfish, Houdini and Komodo predictably shredding the competition and always stealing #1, I've randomly assigned a name to each competitor so that I will not be able to predict wins until after some games have been finished. There's 33 AI competing, of varying degrees of skill. My hobbies bore most people, but I just thought I'd share.

*Warlight taxes 20%.
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