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Game Notes/Sticky Notes: 9/24/2015 09:17:51

Level 58
After playing a lot of 1 vs 1 ladder recently I came across a problem that has lost me/given me a huge disadvantage in some games.

You can often deduce where a player has started by your picks, so if you get your 1st, 2nd and 4th pick you know there is a enemy in the 3rd. But 2 days later when you make your next turn you have completely forget that and you have to check though history all over again.

The solution? A notes/sticky notes system, where a player can attach notes to a game that only they can see (maybe published at the end for history?) thus this allows players to record plans and such what nots for reference to days later when they make there next move in multi-day games.

I checked out the uservoice and such a idea is mostly placed already, so here is the link to bring it up again to the Warlight community.

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