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Abandoned tournament: 9/9/2013 15:29:17

Level 55
Hi folks,

I have problem with a tournament.

I invited 6 persons, one person accepted and the tournament started. the match is over, but the tournament is still there. when I ask my friends to accept/deny the system tells them that the tournament already started.

I cannot find a way to get this tournamet to finish and get removed (so I can start a new one).

I assume that I made a boo-boo when I started the tournament with only 2 persons without waiting for the others to reply. (it's not much of a tournament with 2 persons , i know).

but, how can I delete it?
I search the forum and could not find a solution to this problem.

link to the Tournament: http://warlight.net/MultiPlayer?TournamentID=6143

all help is apreciated,
Abandoned tournament: 9/9/2013 23:44:09

◄SI► Nivek Oipics
Level 25
Don't worry about it, there's the 3 month waiting period, and then Assblaster (your opponent) plays Fizzer in 1v1 Strategic with x1000 inflated bonuses and base APT, along with negative sanction cards and the unreleased Reincarnation card. Suffice it to say your tournament will not be ending for a while--but you shouldn't worry, you're going to get 2nd place no matter the outcome of the last game.
Abandoned tournament: 9/9/2013 23:48:11

Level 51
this is a bug, email fizzer (creator of warlight) and fizzer@warlight.com or something like that (there is a report bug option on home page)
Abandoned tournament: 9/10/2013 07:26:14

Level 55
it is (was) some kind of bug (specially from me, wtf want to do a tournament with 2 persons).

I didn't have time to get a cup of coffe before the issue was fixed.

The good thing is that I actually got second place in a tournament. It's a personal best!
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