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x Testimonial Thread: 9/8/2013 22:59:01

Level 58
Hey everybody,

My warlighting days are soon to be over, so I'm starting to get nostalgic. After Yoshi's post I thought about some of the things that have been said about me over the years. I was going to post them in my profile bio but I'm over the limit, so I'm making a thread for it. It's actually amazing how many I found just by searching for "x" and then ignoring all the results that used it in its algebraic sense.

Please feel free to contribute.
x Testimonial Thread: 9/8/2013 22:59:50

Level 58
"[has a] mysantrophic pseudo enlightened attitude"

"X, if your goal was to get my angry, you succeed, you little fuck.
[...] you acted like such a little prick"

"selfrightous [...] foul character [...] is making me sick."

"a small mind who draws his lifeexperience out of wise books, while sitting in an armchair."

In my defense, I don't have an armchair.

Edited 9/8/2013 23:49:36
x Testimonial Thread: 9/8/2013 23:05:54

Level 58
"pointless and offending"

"Like we all assume (and with good reason) we see x-apex as a very weak and mediocre player at best.
While this may be all true, I'm sure he isn't really THAT bad, so he might deserve some recognition for not being a total noob :)"

Joker (probably Gui):
"You taught me more than words can express."

"x isn't all that bad."

"maybe we could vote x for president of something useless, might help."

"funny troll."

Edited 9/8/2013 23:50:42
x Testimonial Thread: 9/8/2013 23:12:54

Level 58
Yet again the cat claws up at a pointless thread.

Will post more later, there are more on my profile bio (what would fit). Still only on page 3 of the "please pray for them" clusterfuck!

I hope I will be able to find some classic gems from Qadaffi. Before your time, perhaps.

Edited 9/8/2013 23:50:59
x Testimonial Thread: 9/8/2013 23:28:11

Level 58
Also, I won't be looking through the chat in games, but I have had conversations with at least three strangers where the main topic was my tireless forum endeavours. Namely tig and goatfinger (who stopped replying back to me abruptly, but i don't hold it against him). Goatfinger suggested that my forum work was appreciated by a group of silent fans.

Not to mention countless 1v1 50 games with donkey. What's that? I did mention them? And warlight can count the games between two given players? Shutup.

Then there's all my livestream buddies. Sorry I wasn't there to mock lolowut yesterday.

And there was that summer where warlight had an irc chat. had fun talking to agaynondanishprince.

Plus tournament chat. I remember one guy going absolutely mental on me, talking in graphic detail about how I should kill myself. I think that guy was such a mentalist, I didn't even find it funny. Worse still, I first encountered Aranka on a tournament chat.

Edited 9/8/2013 23:55:16
x Testimonial Thread: 9/9/2013 01:10:19

Level 58
you are showing off because you think youre so smart

the way you communicate it is not beautiful

the way i communicate it is not beautiful :(
x Testimonial Thread: 9/9/2013 01:37:53

Level 54
Goatfinger suggested that my forum work was appreciated by a group of silent fans.

One of X's silent fans, checking in.
x Testimonial Thread: 9/9/2013 02:50:10

professor dead piggy 
Level 59
I wish I could be bothered to go through everything but here are a few highlights:
i am 100% certain that if i tried to write one funny tweet a day i absolutely could not

im just too much of a feminist

im glad i internalised my belief that life is inherently meaningless... i dont know how tough it would be to face a world without being able to make sense of it at all
x Testimonial Thread: 9/9/2013 04:55:14

Vanellope von Schweetz 
Level 60
Silly X, you'll be okay friend.

I haven't heard from tigger in a while, though he shouldn't be addressing you about writing talent or logic. Miss you tigger.

I miss aranka at this point.


I don't know these other randoms.
x Testimonial Thread: 9/9/2013 11:30:44

Widzisz • apex 
Level 60
Can I post here some of your secret confessions?

i love being the meat in a manwich
dont use that mayo sparingly, boys!
x Testimonial Thread: 9/9/2013 12:31:37

Ⓖ. Ⓐrun 
Level 57
I could not stop laughing for ten minutes after reading that ^

Jokes aside, lets all remember X's greatest deeds: his Gui-copying antics (changing his name), his duels with his capybara nemesis, his ascension to the post of Official WarLight Forum Sharpe, his anti-Aranka stance, and of course his secret post in Relite (most of you will have no idea I'm on about there though).

Bye bye X!
x Testimonial Thread: 9/9/2013 12:34:13

Level 58
It's actually amazing how many I found just by searching for "x" and then ignoring all the results that used it in its algebraic sense.

I'm pretty damn sure that letter was used more in reference to you than in actual words.
x Testimonial Thread: 9/9/2013 17:48:43

Level 58
his ascension to the post of Official WarLight Forum Sharpe

Going to have fun Saturday, watching the famous red and blue destroy the plastics up and down the park, with or without Joniesta. Just like the last time we went there. 45-yard O'Keefe wonderstrike to win it? Yes, I resent the Sharpe comparison, if only because it is an insult to my magnitude.

Pulsey: there's also season X and that clan [x] but other than that, yeah, probably.

Donkey: it goes without saying that Aranka is simply too bereft to comment on this thread, although I would like her to make an appearance, as Myhand and Gui surely will.

Z-dog: thanks, but I was really looking for insults because they are funnier. Amusement > sincere interaction. Have I taught you nothing?

Widzisz, I don't remember ever saying or thinking that, but you are an honest man so it must be true: I love being the meat in a manwich.

Tigger, I was expecting far worse. That is tame. Tame! If you can't make me look bad then you're doing something wrong, I do it all the time and without even trying.
x Testimonial Thread: 9/9/2013 17:53:58

Level 60
Well, since you want insults, I enjoyed kicking your butt out of Horn of Africa in Spheres of Influence.

Is that better? (I have enjoyed playing with/against you though).
x Testimonial Thread: 9/9/2013 18:05:09

Level 58
All these quotes appear within 17 comments in one thread.


"has become dehumanised" [implied]

"X, if you can't connect the dots that is not my problem. [...] x are you even human? Your views seem to devolve back to primate societies.


"i will see you in hell my friend because that makes you no better than [a person who slaughters 4-year-old children], ok?"

"God help you, really do"

"x your the monster [...] your a real asshole apparently"

"shut the fuck up! all you do is comlain and argue you guys are too smart for your own good, ok

you act like assholes [...] your a bunch of genius jerks sometimes

(mainly X)

(fizzer please forgive the explitaves)"

"x started being a complete jerkoff so everyones ganging up on him"


"The double facepalm is for you..."

"immature guy [...] always want to proove everybody how inhuman [he is]"


"quit hating on X. He's not insulting anyone by making a few jokes, he's just lightening the mood."

You may rename yourself x-dog in my honour.
x Testimonial Thread: 9/9/2013 18:28:08

Level 53
One of x's silent fans checking in also.
well i guess you going is my chance to take over the sharpe position, the forum won't know what hit them in terms of arrogance and dickery. Naah i think i will just let someone else take that role, pulsey seems good.
x Testimonial Thread: 9/9/2013 18:56:11

Level 58

"you, X, spew philosophies of post-war negativity, angst, disorientation, and hopelessness"

"It's wonderful that a young, curious boy wants to read philosophy to better understand the world. But have you ever thought that your penchant for negative social criticism is leading you adrift?"

"like a boy with psychological imbalances experimenting with heavy drugs"

"more psychology patient than philosopher. If you want to be original and philosophical using your Logic 101 phrasing and argumentative structure, wouldn't it work better if you didn't appear to be a leading character in a Camus novel?"

"[Having a conversation with x] has made me care less about the value of human life."


"I worry about x's grasp on humanity and reality. They say not feeling saddness/compassion is a sign of a sociopath. X please do not anything foolhardy."

"Recently there has been a surge of articles about kids who may cause trouble.

I worry with such a large emotionally charged response as yours. Please be good X."

"I don't intend to insult you, but your responses are odd. And I personally find them troubling."

"There are certain elements in your responses that make me extremely concerned."

Hell's bells, rosston, cool your beans. I only murdered 4 prostitutes that winter.

Hell bender:

"x i have three words for you

go to hell"


"a lost cause"


the "relatevely smart guy x [promotes an] easy-rapeable philosophy.
He will be nihilistic, he will be cruel, he will be x!"


"you seem to me like a shipwrecked guy who has find a little rock in the ocean and he is not willing to leave that rock in order to reach the coast, because there are chances that he will drown, and so he will be stuck there pretending that that rock is a big continent.
In other word you are a philosophical coward:/"

A man in search of answers?:

"X though I am a fellow athiest, I completely disagree with you. You coming on here and blatantly trying to offend people is just sad, so sad I might actually consider praying for you. ( That would be the first time in my life) Anyway continue on with your hateful rants, I know I can not persuade you. Good day"

I think it's fair to say that I split opinion.
x Testimonial Thread: 9/9/2013 19:11:07

Level 58
Santa (Gui):

This is a sneak peak preview of my naughty and nice list boys and girls.

Top of the list!


"X capybara: Me no like tigers getting attention. Me want same attention. Me more articulate then tigers, still get eaten. No like."

j russell mikkelsen:

"x understands me."

trollussa (about 3 weeks before the previous comments):

"Since you seem a culturally valid guy, I am very interested in reading your answer=)"

"x I don't want to spam this thread, nor dominize you, so if you are an happy-dead-man , I'm just happier for you;)"

Anti-Gui Monkey (Gui):
"X, fellow anti-guiist, let's save our blunt wit for Gui, ok?"

Edited 9/9/2013 19:26:19
x Testimonial Thread: 9/9/2013 20:16:37

Level 58
I can't find the original anti-x capybara posts. Made on the 27th November 2012, but they seem to have disappeared from the forum somehow ...

Hey that Gaia sure was nice wasn't she?

tigger, eeyore, ravera, frankdeslimste:



"Gui are you trying to replace x as the Warlight Grammar Sheriff?
I don't think he retired from that role yet..."

J Russell Mikkelsen:

"X: You want anal, Gui? I'll give you anal.
GUI: Not bad. Could be better.
X: How about this?
GUI: Oh, that's good.
EVERYONE: What about us, X?
X: How's this, everyone? You like this?
GUI: So good.
EVERYONE: Yes! Amazing! Don't stop! Never, ever stop!"

"I would've assumed Anti-x is actually x if x hadn't posted himself. In either case, Anti-x's post is hilarious and spot on."


"X: When Gui calls me anal retentive I get angry. But I love it when you say nasty things to me Russell!"

"don't feel sad x, you'd make my real list of the best 200!"

"Very odd. I bet you're some scrawny computer guy who can't play sports and doesn't know how to fight. I'd love to put on some boxing gloves and just destroy you."

Qadaffi/Furious Lukasz, troll OG, the Gui before Gui:

"Wm x, what made You think You can tell me to shut up? Parents didnt teach You, that you can get all your bones broken for such words? Or You talk like that only on the internet nerdy boy?"

"WM x, let me know if You are coming to Warsaw someday. Id like to meet You in person."

"I see You enjoy insulting from behind the screen small boy. Good luck then, You must feel like a king now, You insult and still got no bones broken. But Your day will come, trust me."

"You didnt break me shithead. :)"

bigby (on "Interview With The Batman"):

"If this was facebook I'd click the "like" button. Have you considered a career in broadcasting? I'm seeing a spot on 60 minutes where they introduce your spot with a big "X" and the interview is conducted in shadowed relief so we never see your face- thereby allowing you to be as irreverent and controversial as you want. I would SO set my DVR for that....."
x Testimonial Thread: 9/9/2013 21:41:42

Level 43
"I'm so sry bro i was so mean to you. Pls let me hug you in your mind"


Grow some balls bitch !!

P.S But those testimonials o_O :D( light at the end of the tunnel ) -> it's so hard to be an asshole
x Testimonial Thread: 9/10/2013 05:09:28

Level 57
I suspect that X cares more about the world then he lets on to and hides it behind the armour of (often times) intelligent and well articulated assholery because a lack of faith in the meaning of life leaves him otherwise frozen in place. (If you're an atheist looking for meaning in life I'd suggest a 6 month vacation to Thailand ;P).

X's ability to show so little regard for human life and compassion towards other individuals makes one realize how shallow our interactions with others can be, ironically enough. By providing an extreme and pornographic image of verbal brutality he gives us a chance to gain perspective of the vast gulf between kindness and cruelty.

Those who resort to the threat of physical violence in the face of X's douchery are victims of their own inability to process emotion properly. Whether it's clamour for attention, boredom or an elaborate agenda, X has achieved a paramount status among the (in)famous of the Warlight forum.

It doesn't matter if you hate him, respect him from a distance or follow his every post like a puppy, he has a place in our minds, even if his profile picture is the only face you can put on him :P (If you don't carer either way you have no legitimate claim to be on this thread ;))
x Testimonial Thread: 9/10/2013 19:13:01

Level 58
Chris: as you can see from the other testimonies you need to step up your game. That wasn't nearly personal or violent enough. And yeah I kind of gave up that game. You too.

Thanks Ironheart, you and Arun would win Most Improved if I was giving out awards like Szew.

Yoshi: Um ... thanks? I think? Actually, that seemed a lot like an insult.

Hauptmann: Um ... thanks? I think? Actually, that seemed a lot like an insult.

Dropped off page 1 within 48 hrs. Forum, you have forsaken me. Was gonna find some Aranka & Capybara quotes to post, but not anymore. Was going to do some more case studies in Ask Ozymandias but you can't post in old threads now (THANKS A LOT RANDY HUSSEIN FIZZ-BAMA).
x Testimonial Thread: 9/10/2013 19:14:15

Frankdeslimste • apex 
Level 58
Dude, this thread needs Aranka quotes...
x Testimonial Thread: 9/10/2013 20:40:00

Ⓖ. Ⓐrun 
Level 57
Like X before me, I resent having to share a prize. I will not accept it, and undo any improvement that may have occurred. I am officially a total noob. I hope you're happy.... now leave WarLight now and cut the 'I may be leaving soon so give me attention" crap.
x Testimonial Thread: 9/10/2013 21:25:31

Level 58
Was literally making my farewell post when Frank begged for Aranka (coming soon). Not going to post anymore unless someone says something directly to me.
x Testimonial Thread: 9/11/2013 07:00:35

Level 59
I will miss being serenaded by your English, low-bitrate voice on the livestreams. :(
x Testimonial Thread: 9/11/2013 11:50:25

Level 54
Now that you have the perfect WL-name you leave a shame. You should have at least make people pronounce the name on the streams. You will be missed as a good player
x Testimonial Thread: 9/11/2013 12:45:00

Level 58
Lolonot, you have me on Skype so I can still serenade you. You have the choice of the following songs: 1. robyn thick blurred lines 2. avril lavine skater boy. £15/minute, pay in advance on Paypal.

Yeah Sarutobi, I'm sorry not to have been in a live tournament with this name :( That anti-semite Pushover said I was a very silly man and I couldn't commentate anymore. [laughter]

Thinking of Python, I might have had a wider forum appeal if my comments included a laugh track. [wry smiles]
x Testimonial Thread: 9/11/2013 19:46:35

Level 57
It was a mixed post, X. You said that amusement -> sincere interaction and insults are amusing so I attempted to balance my post by being a silent fan who throws a curve ball or two.
x Testimonial Thread: 9/11/2013 21:27:17

Level 58

"you evil 40 year old..something"

(Ravera thought I was a 40-year-old man based on my voice.)


"I have been mugged myself often enough. Instead of X, who was just been bullied in school and always was too scared to ever risk being mugged.
But he read about it somewhere, something smart, I am sure of that."


"You, Mr. X, put the x into patronizing.
Which is amazing. Since there was none in the beginning."


"[You do not] have tits and [are not] saying worth a damn. Please take whatever the above is away from my thread."

nike or the other troll:

"guess who is in the desperate need of a life"


"oh, you're one of those. nevermind then, have a good life."


"Today I learned about the word 'bathos'. Thank you [x] for expanding my vocabulary one rant at a time."


"How patronising can you be [x]? Could you be more?"

Mr Miyagi: (Note: my username at this time was "Nosy Kitty-cat".)

"What does't Kitty bring to the table? He brings nosiness, Humor, cats(of the kitty variety), humor, modesty, humor, high intellect, British accent. Who could not want that?!?!?!?!
Sincerely, Miyagi President of Executives Directors-Nosy-Kitty's FanClubUSA"


"@Miyagi - He's British ?? Didn't know that..."of course" this changes everything ..."

"So unoriginal [...] attention whore [...] wastes time"

"I know you can do better."

"Well maybe [I love you] in an odd way. There's certainly no physical attraction though."

"X-apex...sorry to say buddy, I just didn't think you would be an added value in Relite + I'm not so fond of stalkers so yeah."

"I hate to say it.........but : +1 [x]"

"Grow up X-apex"

Just realised I was involved in two separate arguments on religion, so I now consider my forum forays to have been a failure, on the whole.
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