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Most Active and hardworking game fanbases?: 9/19/2015 03:18:13

Empire of Kilos
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Everyone enjoys the feeling of being apart of your favorite games fanbase, be it Halo or Warlight the feeling of Brother/Sisterhood you get when discussing your favorite game with someone who also enjoys is unmatchable!

However have you ever felt there are certain fanbases are more active or work harder than others be it in a good way or bad? So here you may share your opinions on what games have the most active fanbases. you may choose as many as you wish as long as you provide reasons as to why you think they are the most active.

I'll start with Halo. The Halo fans have plenty of reason's to be considered one of the most active fanbases in gaming, 13 season's worth to be in fact!
Most Active and hardworking game fanbases?: 9/20/2015 18:57:24

An abandoned account
Level 56
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