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Join/Decline ladder games?: 2/23/2011 22:36:42

Level 7
Should that step exist? Are you "allowed" to decline a ladder game? If not, is it possible for people to be auto-joined?
Join/Decline ladder games?: 2/23/2011 22:46:42

Level 58

Warzone Creator
You are not allowed to decline, and yes people will get auto-joined if they don't join.

The main reason this step cannot be removed is for players to pick their color if there's a conflict. It's also nice to have some sort of introduction, where you can see who you're up against and start to mentally prepare for the game instead of just being thrown into a game.
Join/Decline ladder games?: 2/27/2011 21:17:27

Level 50
Different thought make that auto-join a little faster than it is now.
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