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Second turn counter examples: 9/12/2015 17:03:26

Level 58
How do you set up a counter on second bonus or either new bonuses expansion ?

Is it possible to make a counter on a counter ? I know you can set up elaborate plans like letting your opponent kill your start and block FTB bonus through bad pick next turn. Some bonusea have positional advantages that some players abuse. Is it possible to make a triple to secure India double, get East China and set up counter to it with fourth ? It is also the only double and 3s bonus.

Counter to counter example. A player picks Dacia to have advantagd over both 2s. I receive both 2s and set up counter for Dacia through Greece. 4th pick is a also soke counter but in opponent bonuses like Egypt or Africa/Carthago.

Edited 9/12/2015 17:09:41
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