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Hex Grid Generator: 2/22/2011 06:49:43

Level 6
Hex Grid Generator: 2/23/2011 03:42:32

Level 58

Warzone Creator
Nice! Are we going to see some new hex maps from Les?
Hex Grid Generator: 2/27/2011 02:04:55

Level 6
"Hi Les, I've updated the generator so that now it assigns an id to each hex which is the same as the label you get with the "%n" option. Hope that helps. Cheers, I."

This means you don't have to manually enter Territory_X in each hex. *Gee mister, that's swell!*


### How to Make a Hex Grid for Warlight Maps ###
1. Open http://axiscity.hexamon.net/users/isomage/misc/svg-hex.cgi
2. Enter rows and columns. Labels and grids are optional.
3. Set grid color, like light gray (#cccccc).
4. Click the Generate button to download the SVG file.
5. In your favorite text editor, open the svg, and replace all instances of **<polygon id="** with **<polygon id="Territory_** and save.
6. In Inkscape, click the hex group and ungroup (this will prevent weird selection and resizing issues later).
7. Set document background to black (RGBA 000000ff)
8. Make a map.

Good luck.
Hex Grid Generator: 2/28/2011 20:13:52

Level 44
this could be extremely useful.. i only i was creative enough to make interesting maps without ripping something off, lol
Posts 1 - 4 of 4